February 8, 2023 Jobs duties and Responsibility in 2021

Now Customer Service Jobs duties and Responsibility in 2021

Have a dream or just want to work as a customers service? Customer Service The various types of work we do require commitment and mastery of tasks. You will definitely often find this job in some areas of the company. Starting from banks, hotels, transportation companies, and other services.

Now Customer Service Jobs duties and Responsibility in 2021

Customer Service Duties and Responsibility

Before knowing, you need to first find out the meaning of CS itself. Both in terms of service and also the solution of a problem. Services provide to clients, or customers usually get complete information regarding questions, ask and make solutions to complaints or questions encountered.

Become a Receptionist to Receive Guests

A common task carried out by Customer Service is to be a receptionist or receive guests. Therefore, generally, the work desk is in front of the office or company premises. When you become a CS, you have to deal with guests or customers. For that, you must competently explain various information about the company and different questions from customers. Generally, guests or customers who come ask for information about the company.

Maintain Good Relationships with Customers

To answer all questions and complaints, you also need to maintain good relationships. Even though there are problems and obstacles with customers, you still have to take care and good name of the company with customers, clients. Simple tips that you can do to maintain relationships are to be friendly, provide maximal service, and give a smile.

In addition, CS are also required to have a neat appearance that fits the image of a company and gives a positive aura to every customer. Although now customers don’t always have to meet face-to-face, it is also necessary to serve and serve a CS online or by telephone.

Serving customers via telephone, online chat, and face-to-face

In addition to serving directly, you also need to have the ability to handle complaints and problems from customers virtually and over the phone.

Mastering All Information about the Company and Products

As a Customer Service, you are required to answer all questions from customers or clients. So it requires you to know the information or history of the company. And, Mastering information about the products being sold or offered.

Convince Customers

This ability is also significant for every Customer Service. The ability to surprise a customer with sound and reasonable arguments. Not just hope, you are also required to make customers satisfied with services that can meet their needs.


The next task is as a communicator, namely as a liaison between the company and its customers. It can be said, a CS can be a liaison for a message from one of the company’s employees to customers.

Organizing Administrations

Organizing the administration of the company is usually found in the CS at a bank. Customer Service bank will prepare all forms or administrative needs for customers. For this reason, Customer Service is also required to have the ability to operate a computer and edit a document.

Don’t Give False Promises

In dealing with a complaint from a customer or customer as Customer Service, there are various ways. But a CS is not allowed to give false promises to customers. They will feel cheated because Customer Service cannot keep the promises given. By giving false promises, it can actually provide a bad image or view of the company.

Dress and Look Neat and Polite

The appearance of Customer Service can be one of the attractions and also a picture of a company. Therefore, the being of a CS is significant to note.


Listening carefully to conversations or complaints from customers is necessary. Relating to how you handle and provide solutions to each customer. Therefore, it’s best if many customers talk or complain. You need to listen to them first before provided opinions and solutions.

Criteria for Customer Service

• Have kind and clear communication skills. You may also be required to have expertise in a foreign language.
• Ability to analyze. Aims to make it easier to find a solution to a problem or complaint from a customer.
• Have a strategic and efficient way of thinking.
• Have sales analysis skills.
• Have problem-solving skills. Aiming for a win-win solution or fairness from customers and also the company in overcoming a problem. So that no party is harmed.
• Oriented to satisfactory service.

Those are the duties and criteria of Customer Service that you need to know. Maintaining the good name or image of a company is very important. Have Similarly to maintaining good relations or relationships with customers. Are you ready to become Customer Service? Don’t forget to always be friendly and confident in front of customers.

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