New Graduates Guide To Finding Jobs in 2021


    Finding Jobs first is hard work, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. The resources below will help you find, apply, interview, and land the right job for you.

    As you learn how to approach the job search process, in mind that even experienced professionals pass on to develop their job search skills. In a recent survey, 91% of working adults said they found work at least a few times a year—so for many, job hunting is a routine activity.¹ Like any activity, you’ll get better with practice. The following steps will help you hone your search skills and land the job you want.

    Choose a career

    As graduation draws near, you’re likely starting to consider ways you can turn your hard-earned education into a meaningful and rewarding full-time job. As you begin planning your post-college career path, the first step is to consider which direction you want to take your educational credential.

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    Think about what you want to do work, Depending on the educational path you choose, May plan to apply yourself directly in a role that requires your particular expertise. You may have a wide range of professional options available to you, or you may choose to rotate a bit towards a field, industry, or role. that complements your educational background.

    To learn about the in and out of a specific industry and occupation, get proven with your favorite professors or work with your knowledge center to identify opportunities to shadow professionals in your field for a day or a week.

    Key takeaways
    Take note of what you have accomplished in your academic career and internship, your aspirations, and what industry you want to pursue.
    Think about the skills you feel most confident about and the attributes that make you unique—these can be valuable selling points for potential employers. It is common for students and recent graduates to have limited work experience or internships.

    If this is true for you, consider any roles you have had in your community or school, volunteer work you have done, and other experiences in which you have applied your skills and interests.

    Before you start a job search, review your social media profiles and check your privacy settings. Potential entrepreneurs can view this page.
    Researching jobs and employers

    Time to learn about the types of jobs available to people with your educational background and how the job market for various industries is evolving.

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    You may want to open your search to several cities or an entire country, or you may choose to search near your home or in an area near your campus or university. You will want to research how much you can expect to be paid in different jobs and locations to get a solid understanding of your options. provides several resources to help you with this research:

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