November 27, 2022
be Great Customer Service

be Great Customer Service

Customer service is responsible for addressing customer needs and ensuring they have a positive experience. You need to use customer service skills. This skill set includes qualities such as active listening, empathy, problem-solving, and communication.
Customer service skills are used in many jobs. Two sample resumes with tips for creating a customer service resume for employers.

Customer service assistance is provided to people regarding a product or service by the company that offers it. These are important services that can be supported with technology and automation, but often still require humans to facilitate.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Prospects, approximately 27% of all jobs involved customer service in 2019. Jobs involving customer services such as retail sales representatives, cashiers, wait staff, and receptionists are projected to cover more than 30 million jobs by 2026 Data suggests that the median salary for a customer service role can range from about $13.33 per hour for a Front Desk Agent to $16.00 per hour for an Administrative Assistant.

Your customer service resume should have information that will get your employer noticed quickly. Choose the relevant experience, skills, certifications, and key achievements that meet the requirements of the role you are seeking.

Here are five steps to writing a customer service resume:

A. Choose the right format

When looking to showcase your skills and experience in customer service, there are three types of resume formats to consider depending on your background and career goals including chronological, functional, or a combination. The main goal in writing a resume is to create a highly readable document that allows employers to quickly see why you are a good fit for the job.

Here is a brief description of each type of resume format and when to use it:

lists your work experience in reverse chronological order. This is best used if your current or former role is in customer service.
Focuses more on relevant skills than work history. This is best used if you want to move into a customer service role and want to highlight the skills you have related to the field. This format is also very helpful if you have a career gap as it emphasizes your skills.
The combination combines chronological and functional resume types. This is best suited if you are in a career transition and have a diverse work history.

B. Create a resume

A resume also known as a professional summary is a short one to three-sentence description of your background that goes directly below your contact information. include your total years of experience in a customer service-related role.

  1. Customer professionals with six years of experience provide care in a fast environment and have communication skills.
  2. Reliable customer service specialist who maintains a personal customer satisfaction rating of 96% for two years. Strong organizational, communication, and technology skills. Seek opportunities with ABC Company to utilize these skills in an eCommerce environment.
  3. Customer service with more than eight years of experience in a company with a thriving online presence. Increase returning subscribers by 30% in one year at CBA Company, by creating and distributing email newsletters and social media campaigns.
C. Use customer service keywords

Customer service skills behaviors, and practices that enable you to meet customer needs, foster positive relationships and act as a company representative.

Start with a job description.
Throughout the job listings, you can find keywords in educational requirements, duties, and responsibilities. Include industry-specific roles and keywords. Keep an eye on the keywords included in the job description, these should confirm their importance and the need to include them if this is a skill you have.
Include keywords throughout your resume.

The preferred skills listed in the job description can act as ATS keywords on your resume. Your customer service resume should include hard and soft skills.

Customer service skills :
Technical knowledge

Additional customer skills include:

Soft skills, Active listening, Result driven, customer service, Operation, Leadership, Conflict resolution, Building relationships, Organization, Type, Multitasking, Accompaniment, Empathy

Hard skills, data entry, Superior, Microsoft Office, Food Service, two languages, Superior, Microsoft Office, Retail sale, Sale, Type, Cashier

D. Write strong professional experience points

Use the bullet points under your professional experience section to indicate the scope of your work with examples of the impact you have driven in the past. If possible, include quantifiable data in each bullet point to measure the results of your contribution. For customer service roles, this could include information such as your customer satisfaction rating, the percentage of sales goals you met or exceeded, and the number of incoming conversations you replied to via messaging software.


Customer Service Specialist I Feb 2021 – March 2022
by Company I Bayo, CX
Provide daily high volume customer support via live chat and email maintaining a 100% average happiness score
Train clients through weekly live to increase their understanding of the product capabilities

Partnered with the client support team to audit the Company’s client activity to prevent personally added $66,000 to marquee clients in Q1, which in turn kept the company on the platform

E. Combine customer service action verbs

Action verbs communicate to recruiters the level of impact you had at your previous company and define the level of customer service you provide. start each point in your Professional Experience with an action verb.

Skills verbs include:

Relieve, Answered, Anticipation, obeyed, rated, Helped, care, Cleaned, communicated, Held, Consulted, Made, bestow, confirmed, established, facilitated, Followed, Helped, Implemented, Interact, Listen, well taken care of, managed, done, ready, Provided, Solved, Responded, Sanitized, Sold, Supervised.

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