November 27, 2022


In logistics management can not be separated from supply chain management (SCM). The application of SCM in logistics management aims to increase efficiency for a company’s performance.

Here Duties of Logistics Staff in the Project
logistics project

These logistics activities include activities as warehouse management, distribution of goods, freight transportation, and sales order processing. Then, what is logistics are the duties of the project logistics staff? Read more below.


The application of logistics science in business entities must receive special attention. To increasingly complex economic growth such as the productivity of goods or materials produced by factories or companies, and stored. The management of these products or materials requires special and serious handling through good logistics management and distribution.

The logistics distribution process consists of facilities and transportation. Set of target markets where customers or consumers.


The purpose of logistics is to deliver goods or procure goods (materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods) the quantity and in a usable condition, where the goods lowest cost.

Duties of Building Project Logistics Staff. The implementation of building projects, of course, also requires logistics as the requirement and support of the project.

In general, the duties of the logistics staff are to carry out the arrival of goods or materials, storage, and distribution of project materials or equipment to the field implementer. The following is more related to the duties of the logistics staff that you need to know.

  • Determine the location for storage of construction materials. The project area can be neatly arranged and controlled with both the number of arrivals and their use.
  • Marking labels or descriptions on stored materials or construction equipment to avoid misuse due to being confused with other project materials or tools.
  • Record the entry and exit of goods and be responsible for the availability of materials needed.
  • Create and compile reports on material requirements following the format that has become the standard for the contractor company.
  • Creating and compiling minutes regarding the acceptance or rejection of materials after going through quality control.
  • Coordinate with the Head of Construction Executor and the project engineering department regarding the amount and schedule of material arrivals required at each time of execution of work items.
  • Finding and surveying data on the number of materials and their prices from several suppliers. Building material stores as data to choose the best price and meet specifications or quality.

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The arrival of logistics or construction materials is a must so that the implementation of each work item can run according to the scheduled time. The role of construction project logistics staff is the key to the successful implementation of construction projects.


The material is delivered late. It could be that work in the field, resulting in a delay in implementation time. Therefore, it takes the role of the logistics staff who have the skills and professionalism in carrying out each construction project logistics task.

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