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7 New Jobs In 2021 Only Work at Home

7 New Jobs In 2021 Only Work at Home
7 New Jobs In 2021 Only Work at Home

7 New Jobs In 2021

7 New Jobs  In  2021
New Jobs In 2021

7 New Jobs In 2021 Only Work At Home. No single job fits all of us, but many of the best jobs have some things in common: They pay well, challenge us year after year, match our talents and skills, are less stressful, offer room for advancement throughout our careers. , and provide a satisfying work-life balance. Whether the position is in demand is also a consideration for job seekers. U.S. News used these qualities to rank the Top 100 Jobs of 2021. You can also explore other top-paying jobs and other career-specific rankings. For more on how we rank, read thejobsalert.com

7 New Jobs In 2021

Bookkeeping ($42,940)

Books keep track of business income, expenses, and other financial activities so that at the end of each year the business has accurate and detailed financial records. Bookkeepers can also run payroll and manage accounts receivable and accounts payable. A bookkeeper can work full time for one organization, or for several small businesses at the same time. Bookkeepers do not need to have full accounting certification, but they are generally required to hold an Associate’s degree in either accounting or business administration.

Data Entry Clerk ($33,562)

Data Entry Clerk ($33,562)
The Data Entry Officer collects data from various sources and enters it into a database. The job requires attention to detail and basic knowledge of databases and possibly other online tools but is generally an entry-level position. Many Data Entry Officers work from home because they can use a computer and internet connection to access all the information they need.

Online Teacher ($36,842)

Online tutors help students use video conferencing tools to deliver lesson plans, assessments, and educational resources. Usually, an online tutor has expertise in one subject or a series of subjects, so it is beneficial for students to pay them for their time. Most tutors are paid by the hour. Some online tutors work as freelancers

Virtual Recruiter ($50,152)

Virtual Recruiters use social networking tools like LinkedIn to connect with talented individuals and recruit candidates for job opportunities within an organization. Instead of meeting people in person, Virtual Recruiters use video calls, emails, and other online communication tools to notify qualified candidates about new opportunities.

Author Grant ($48,667)

The primary responsibility of Grant Authors is to identify and apply for grants relevant to the organization for which they work. Nonprofits often hire Author Grants to increase their funding efforts. Since one of the most challenging aspects of qualifying for a grant is completing a proposal, which often includes responses throughout the essay, it makes sense to have a professional writer do the work. The nature of the job also makes it very suitable for working from home.

Animators ($55,170)

Animators create animated clips for web videos, commercials, educational materials, video games, and more. Animation is a complex job that requires years of experience and a deep understanding of the production process. However, as all animation tools are computer-based, animators can work from the comfort of their own homes for studios or for their own clients and potentially earn a large annual salary.
Animators are usually 2D or 3D specialists, but some do both. Because there are so many types of animation and so many skill levels, pay for Animation jobs can vary widely.

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Technical Competencies. Knowledge. Skills. Communication Skills. Job Segment. Network, Telecom, Telecommunications, Operations Manager, Technology,

Shocking Average Starting Salaries in UK 2021


Shocking Average Starting Salaries in UK 2021

When it comes to choosing your degree, should you follow your heart or the dollar signs? Our guide to graduate starting salaries can help you make the call…

Graduate cap and fifty pound note

Starting Salary

The current average graduate starting salary in the UK is just over £23,000, but we’ve also heard folk reporting everything between £16,000 and £90,000!

Of course, there are many factors which affect how fat your salary will be. The four biggies are the employer, the industry, the location, and job market competition.

If you’re a recent graduate looking for work, employers increasingly want to know how much you think you’re worth. This guide will give you the ballpark figures for degree subjects so you don’t sell yourself short.

Average graduate salary for degrees:

Studying for a particular degree doesn’t mean you have to pursue a related career – check out this list of the top skills employers really look for.

Expected graduate salaries in each industry

These are the typical starting salaries for UK graduates* based on the industries they choose to work in:

Art (creative, visual and performance)

Paint on a palette

Credit: Elena Efimova – Shutterstock

As you probably already know if you’re interested in art, the graduate job market for art students isn’t the most flush with cash.

For those wanting to get into Creative Arts(design, music, and performing or visual arts) salaries vary vastly, though which industry you work in could make a considerable difference.

A typical starting salary for a curatorial position (e.g. Assistant Curator) is around £18,000,

but with the potential to earn top dollar later in your career.

Going for a career in the digital arts has the potential to offer you a higher salary.

Graphic and digital designers are pretty high in demand these days due to everything shifting online,

meaning that although a graduate salary could start between £15,000–£19,000, it can rise to £27,000 once you’ve got a bit of experience.

Banking and Accountancy

finance district of London The City

Salaries for Accountancy vary considerably depending on location, size of the company, and specialization, with starting salaries averaging £23,180 (although graduates have reported earning anything between £17,000 and £50,000 in their first job).

Accountant starting salary

So Some new graduate accountants starting salary is about £10,000 to £20,000 at their first Quarter. but for experienced will start around £13,000.

Graduates who enter Banking (unsurprisingly) get the big bucks, as a report this year revealed some investment bankers start with an average salary of £45,000.

Business, Marketing and Management

woman at a laptop

Business and Management degrees can open up doors to some seriously well-paid careers in Accountancy or Investment Banking. You’ve also got options in Marketing, Media, HR, and Retail Management.

A starting salary in Retail Management will likely be in the range of £17,000–£23,000, but some graduate training schemes pay handsomely for impressive candidates. Budget supermarket chain Aldi is a go-to for its grad scheme, which pays £44,000 in the first year. If that doesn’t quite do it for you, they’ll throw in a car, too (an Audi, funnily enough).

A career in HR will see you start on something like £19,000 (rising rapidly with more experience and qualifications), while Digital Marketers can expect a starting salary between £18,000–£22,000, again increasing substantially with experience.

Computer Science

computer coding on a screen

Your career path will depend on what you specialize in, but IT industries are on the up, and they offer heaps of choice: programming, front- and back-end development, systems analysis, web design, UX design, online security, games, and apps – the list really is endless.

Starting salaries vary a lot for this type of work as the roles are so varied, but typically they’ll be around £25,000.

It’s worth mentioning that despite this average, graduates have reported receiving anything from £17,000 to £70,000 in IT roles.


Harry Potter class

Credit: Warner Bros

There are tonnes of ways of getting into teaching right now, many of which are generously funded.

Starting salaries for qualified teachers in England and Wales are around £22,917 (£28,660 in inner London). In Scotland, you’ll start on probationary pay of £22,416. Going to university isn’t all about the money. Here are the arguments for and against it being worth getting a degree.


team of business people

While Graduate Recruitment Bureau puts the average salary for an Engineering graduate at £25,000, subject specialism can make a difference to your salary.

Graduates of Chemical Engineering earn an average of £27,696 in their first job, while Civil Engineers nab an average starting salary of £25,847.


Jim Carrey Bruce Almighty typing fast

Credit: Universal Pictures

Humanities degrees are fairly flexible when it comes to job hunting. On the one hand, you may not be sure quite what you’re going to do when you graduate – but on the other, a bank of transferable skills means Media, Marketing, Teaching, and other industries are all yours for the picking.

Starting salaries in Publishing & Journalism are around £19,000–£23,000 and you’re typically expected to start at the bottom and work your way through the ranks. Unpaid internships are rife, but postgrad or in-house training could help you bag a better starting position. There’s scope to make money freelancing, too, especially in writing and editing – see the National Union of Journalists get an idea of rates.

The bottom rung in Film and Television work is as a Runner, where the recommended pay (if you get any, that is) is £7.50–£13.38 per hour, with no reason for it to increase since competition is fierce. Training towards a specific career – in radio, theatre, production, cinematography, or broadcast journalism – can get you a better deal.

Have a look at BECTU (the UK’s media union), or big players such as the BBC, for training and apprenticeship opportunities.


elle legally blonde

Credit: MGM Distribution Co.

You might think of Law as a quick win for your pay packet, but the reality is that starting salaries vary massively. At the most competitive firms, you could get between £22,000 and £45,000 as a Trainee Solicitor.

Pupil Barristers in England and Wales earn at least £12,000 a year, which can rise to £50,000 and above, depending on who you work for. In Scotland, advocates are unpaid for most of the first year – so you might want to start saving before you graduate!

Life Sciences

Joey identical twin study Friends

Credit: Warner Bros

The starting salary for a Clinical Scientist in the NHS is anywhere between £26,250–£35,250, while Biomedical Scientists start on £22,000–£28,500.

Remember, in the NHS it’s always possible to go up a pay band as your skills and experience increase.

Medicine and Nursing

Scrubs characters sharing a lab coat

Credit: ABC

If you think Medicine is always the fast track to a fat wallet, you may be in for a shock: starting salaries are often no greater than for Humanities careers. However, you’ll likely be able to earn more money faster, plus have access to better leave, sick pay, and other job benefits.

The big money comes in when you start specializing, but either way, the further training required can be hard-going and only worth it if you’re prepared to stick with it for the long haul.

Graduates going into Adult Nursing start at Band 5 on the NHS pay scale, giving them a starting salary of £22,000–£28,500.

Junior doctors in their first year of postgrad foundation training earn a minimum of £26,614 (boosted to £30,805 by Foundation Year 2). Doctors training for a specialty earn a basic salary of between £36,461 and £46,208.

Newly qualified dentists who want to work in the NHS undertake Dental Foundation Training for a year, for which they get paid £30,132.

In Veterinary Medicine, starting salaries average at £27,721. It’s worth joining (free) sites like the Graduate Recruitment Bureau and CV-Library – they’ll help you get the job you want with the salary you deserve.

* This data represents average figures collated from multiple sources, including the Office for National StatisticsGraduate Recruitment Bureau, CV-Library, and our own surveys.

Graduate salary by degree

Below is a list detailing the average salaries of graduates, regardless of which industry they ended up in.

Don’t forget that your earnings will increase with experience. It also depends a lot on what career path you take – so make the most of your degree and scope out further training requirements and grad schemes early on.

SubjectGraduate starting salary
Accounting and Finance£23,818
Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering£26,736
Agriculture and Forestry£21,428
American Studies£20,645
Anatomy and Physiology£22,210
Art and Design£19,746
Aural and Oral Sciences£22,380
Biological Sciences£21,669
Business and Management Studies£24,437
Celtic Studies£20,363
Chemical Engineering£27,734
Civil Engineering£26,729
Classics and Ancient History£21,863
Communication and Media Studies£20,017
Complementary Medicine£24,872
Computer Science£25,828
Creative Writing£18,456
Drama, Dance, and Cinematics£20,238
East and South Asian Studies£22,889
Electrical and Electronic Engineering£27,659
Food Science£22,153
Forensic Science£20,323
General Engineering£28,649
Geography and Environmental Science£22,144
History of Art, Architecture, and Design£20,329
Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism£21,012
Iberian Languages£23,057
Land and Property Management£25,065
Librarianship and Information Management£24,973
Materials Technology£24,458
Mechanical Engineering£26,937
Medical Technology£23,080
Middle Eastern and African Studies£24,195
Occupational Therapy£22,992
Optometry, Ophthalmology, and Orthoptics£16,662
Pharmacology and Pharmacy£20,370
Physics and Astronomy£26,731
Russian and East European Languages£24,191
Social Policy£21,137
Social Work£25,111
Sports Science£20,447
Theology and Religious Studies£21,421
Town and Country Planning and Landscape Design£23,269
Veterinary Medicine£28,277

Copyright Complete University Guide © 2020These are the subjects with the highest earning potential, but what about where you study? Check out the best universities for graduate salaries.

How to choose a career

500 days of summer character with graduate cap

Credit: Dune Entertainment

Some degree disciplines indeed lead to big money starting salary faster than others – but don’t get too hung up on it.

There’s no point in earning £40,000 a year if it means you end up savoring loo breaks as an escape from the mindless monotony.

Choose something that you’re passionate about (or at least vaguely enjoy) and you’ll be more likely to stick at it, work harder, and be open to new opportunities – all routes to a healthy salary.

Don’t judge your future career (or any of your choices, for that matter!) on money alone.

Success could be owning your own business, traveling the world, or anything in between. Keep your eyes on the prize, not just the paycheque, and you’ll find the right route for you. Good luck!

Sources: HESAGraduate Recruitment BureauProspectsNHS careersAll About LawBar Standards BoardComplete University GuideNational Careers Service

Jobs in Nuclear Era, Dangers Highlights by Putin


WASHINGTON — Jobs In nuclear era, The old nuclear order, embedded in the Cold War’s unbelievable issues, was rasping before Russia raided Ukraine. Now, it’s giving way to a brewing period of complaint unlike any since the morning of the infinitesimal age.

Jobs in Dangers Nuclear Era, Highlights by Putin
Jobs in Dangers Nuclear Era, Highlights by Putin

Jobs In Nuclear Era

Russia’s regular monuments over the once three months of its nuclear muscle, indeed if largely bluster, were the rearmost substantiation of how the implicit trouble has resurfaced in further overt and dangerous ways. They were enough to draw a pointed warning to Moscow on Tuesday from President Biden in what amounted to a wordless acknowledgment that the world had entered a period of heightened nuclear pitfalls.

Here alternative jobs in nuclear era as reference

“ We presently see no suggestion that Russia has intent to use nuclear munitions in Ukraine, though Russia’s occasional rhetoric to rattle the nuclear smallsword is itself dangerous and extremely reckless, ”Mr. Biden wrote in a guest opinion essay in The New York Times. “ Let me be clear Any use of nuclear munitions in this conflict on any scale would be fully inferior to us as well as the rest of the world and would number severe consequences. ”

Those consequences, however, would nearly clearly be nonnuclear, officers said — a sharp discrepancy to the kind of pitfalls of nuclear escalation that Washington and Moscow pursued during the Cold War.

similar shifts extend well beyond Russia and include China’s moves to expand its magazine, the collapse of any stopgap that North Korea will limit — much less abandon — its cache of nuclear warheads and the emergence of so- called threshold countries, like Iran, which are tantalizingly close to being suitable to make a lemon.

Read Our Model Magazine

During the Trump administration, the United States and Russia pulled out of arms covenants that had constrained their magazines. 

Only one

New START, which limits both sides to stationed strategic munitions  was left in place. also, as the Ukraine war started in February, addresses between Washington and Moscow on what might replace the agreement ended suddenly.

With the Biden administration stepping up the inflow of conventional munitions to Ukraine and pressures with Russia high, a elderly administration functionary conceded that “ right now it’s nearly insolvable to imagine ” how the addresses might renew before the last convention expires in early 2026.

Last summer, hundreds of new bullet silos began appearing in the Chinese desert. The Pentagon declared that Beijing, which had long said it demanded only a “ minimal interference, ” was moving to make an magazine of “ at least ” nuclear arms by 2030.

The commander of United States Strategic Command, the military unit that keeps the nuclear magazine ready to launch, said last month that he was upset Beijing was learning assignments from Moscow’s pitfalls over Ukraine and would apply them to Taiwan, which it also views as a breakaway state.

How to Find Jobs in Nuclear Era?

6 Ways to Apply for Jobs to Get Accepted Faster Easily

Here Five Jobs in Finance for Your Reference

The Chinese are “ watching the war in Ukraine nearly and will probably use nuclear compulsion to their advantage ” in unborn conflicts, the commander,Adm. CharlesA. Richard, told Congress. Beijing’s end, he said, “ is to achieve the military capability to reunify Taiwan by 2027, if not sooner. ”

Other administration officers are more skeptical, noting that Russia’s smallsword rattling failed to discourage the West from arming Ukraine — and that the assignment China may take down is that nuclear pitfalls can boomerang.

Others are learning their own assignments. North Korea, which President DonaldJ. Trump boasted he’d disarm with one- on- one tactfulness, is erecting new munitions.

South Korea, whichMr. Biden visited last month, is formerly again openly mooting whether to make a nuclear force to fight the North, a discussion evocative of the 1970s, when Washington forced the South to give up a covert lemon program.

In South Korea and beyond, Ukraine’s repudiation of its nuclear magazine three decades agone is seen by some as a mistake that left it open to irruption.

Iran has rebuilt much of its nuclear structure since President DonaldJ. Trump abandoned the 2015 nuclear agreements. Reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency suggest that Tehran can now produce the energy for a nuclear armament in weeks, though the warhead would take a time or further.

What’s fast approaching, experts say, is a alternate nuclear age full of new troubles and misgivings, lower predictable than during the Cold War, with established conditions giving way to further naked pitfalls to reach for similar munitions — and a need for new strategies to keep the infinitesimal peace.

AndrewF. KrepinevichJr., a elderly fellow at the Hudson Institute, argued lately in Foreign Affairs that the forming period would feature “ both a lesser threat of a nuclear arms race and heightened impulses for countries to resort to nuclear munitions in a extremity. ”

Jobs in Nuclear Era are pitfalls of Doom

President VladimirV. Putin of Russia opened the Ukraine war with a protestation that he was putting his nuclear capacities on some kind of heightened alert — a clear communication to Washington to back off.( There’s no substantiation that he moved any nuclear munitions or loosened the controls on their use, WilliamJ. Burns, theC.I.A. director, said lately.)

It was the rearmost expression of a Putin strategy to remind the world that indeed if Russia’s frugality is about the size of Italy’s and its influence is transcended by China’s rise, its nuclear magazine remains the largest.

Live UpdatesRussia- Ukraine War

In the times leading up to the Ukraine irruption,Mr. Putin regularly pointed his speeches with nuclear propaganda vids, including one that showed a mass of warheads descending on Florida. In March 2018, when he blazoned the development of a 78- bottom-long, nuclear-fortified torpedo meant to cross an ocean and mask an area larger than California with radioactivity, he called it “ amazing ” and “ really fantastic ” — as an accompanying videotape showed it exploding in a gargantuan dynamo.

A popular Sunday news show in Russia lately featured an vitality that again showcased the giant torpedo, claiming the armament could explode with a force of over to 100 megatons — further than times as important as the American infinitesimal lemon that destroyed Hiroshima — and turn Britain “ into a radioactive desert. ”

It was all a little heavy- handed, indeed for a bruisedMr. Putin. But inside the Pentagon and the National Security Council, his bluster has concentrated attention on another part of the Russian magazine politic or “ battleground ” munitions, fairly small arms that aren’t covered by any convention and are easy to transport. Russia possesses a cache of or so, 20 times further than NATO’s magazines.

They’re designed by the Russians to blur the distinction between conventional and nuclear munitions, which strategists sweat makes their use more thinkable.

Jobs in Nuclear Era

In war games and field exercises, Russian colors have dissembled the transition from conventional to politic nuclear munitions as an trial in spooking off adversaries. In Russian military doctrine, this is called “ escalate to lessen. ”

Preparing a Response

Since Jobs in Nuclear Era was so difficult, a sign of the pitfalls of this new age has been a series of critical meetings in the administration to collude out howMr. Biden should respond if Russia conducts a nuclear eruption in Ukraine or around the Black Sea. officers won’t bandy the classified results of those tabletop exercises.

US Congress debate on Jobs in Nuclear Era
US Congress debate on Jobs in Nuclear Era

But in public evidence to Congress last month, AvrilD. Haines, the director of public intelligence, said that officers believedMr. Putin would reach for his magazine only if “ he perceives that he’s losing the war in Ukraine, and that NATO in effect is either intermediating or about to intermediate. ”

Intelligence officers say they suppose the chances are low, but that’s advanced than what anyone was projecting before the irruption.

Jobs in Nuclear Era Info

“ There are a lot of effects that he’d do in the environment of escalation before he’d get to nuclear munitions, ”Ms. Haines said.

Russia- Ukraine War Key Developments

Military aid. The United States said it’ll shoot Ukraine advanced rocketsas part of a new$ 700 million aid package, while Germany promised a ultramodern air- defense system. The buttressing of Ukraine’s artillery underscores Western resoluteness to hobble Russia’s war trouble at a critical time.

On the ground. Russian colors have stormed the megacity of Sievierodonetskin Ukraine’s east and gathered in the megacity center, according to a original functionary. The fall of Sievierodonetsk would give President Vladimir. Putin’s forces the last major megacity in the Luhansk fiefdom still in Ukrainian hands.

Russian oil painting proscription. European Union members eventually reached an agreement on a Russian oil painting embargo and new warrants against Russia. The long-belated deal effectively exempts Hungary, which had opposed the proscription, from the expensive step the rest of the bloc is taking to discipline Russia.

Grain exports. Following the agreement, European leaders are now fastening on ways to prop up Ukraine’s frugality, including exploring several options to defy a Russian leaguer of important- demanded Ukrainian grain amid warnings of a global food extremity.

The White House, the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies are examining the counteraccusations of any implicit Russian claim that it’s conducting a nuclear test or the use by its forces of a fairly small, battleground nuclear armament to demonstrate its capability.

AsMr. Biden’s opinion composition suggested, his counsels are still looking nearly entirely at nonnuclear responses — most probably a combination of warrants, politic sweats and, if a military response is demanded, conventional strikes — to any similar demonstration of nuclear eruption.

The idea would be to “ gesture immediatede-escalation ” followed by transnational commination, said one administration functionary who spoke on the condition of obscurity to give sapience into classified motifs.

still, you lose the moral high ground and the capability to harness a global coalition, ” said Jon B, “ If you respond in kind. Wolfsthal, a nuclear expert who was on the National Security Council during the Obama administration.

Wolfsthal noted that in 2016, the Obama administration ran a war game in which actors agreed that a nonnuclear response to a Russian strike was the stylish option.Ms. Haines, also President Barack Obama’s deputy public security counsel, ran the simulation.

ScottD. Sagan, a specialist in nuclear strategy at Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Cooperation, called the development of a nonnuclear response an “ extremely important ” development.

Henry Kissinger noted in a recent interview with The Financial Times that “ there’s nearly no discussion internationally about what would be if the munitions actually came habituated. ” He added “ We’re now living in a completely new period. ”

A New Chinese Puzzle

For decades, Beijing was satisfied with having a many hundred nuclear munitions to assure that it couldn’t be attacked — and that it would retain a “ alternate strike ” capability in case nuclear munitions were used against it.

When satellite images began showing new multinational ballistic bullet silos being dug on the edge of the Gobi Desert last time, it set off a debate in the Pentagon andU.S. intelligence agencies about what China’s leader, Xi Jinping, intended, especially at a time when he appeared to be steering toward a battle over Taiwan.

The simplest proposition is that if China is going to be a superpower, it needs a superpower- sized magazine. But another is that Beijing recognizes that all the familiar propositions of nuclear balance of power are eroding.

“ China is heralding a paradigm shift to commodity much less stable, ”Mr. Krepinevich wrote, “ a tripolar nuclear system. ”

Administration officers say that every time the subject is raised, their Chinese counterparts make clear they won’t bandy entering arms control agreements. As a result, they’re unclear aboutMr. Xi’s intentions. For illustration, might China extend the protection of its nuclear magazine over other countries it’s trying to bait into its route?

“ Everybody’s scurrying for a nuclear marquee and, if they ca n’t get that, allowing about getting their own munitions, ” said David Albright, the chairman of the Institute for Science and International Security, a private group in Washington that tracks the spread of nuclear arms.

He called the Middle East high home for farther infinitesimal intentions. As Iran has inched toward a lemon, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have talked intimately about the possibility of matching whatever Tehran does.

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    GOP Candidates has Funneled Up to $35 Million by NRA Shell Companies, Lawsuit Says


    The National Rifle Association used shell companies to make as much as $35 million in illegal donations to Republican candidates in 2018, a lawsuit filed this week on behalf of a gun control group claims. 

    2018 Election Photo By Google

    The nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center and Giffords, the gun safety advocacy group started by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Sen. Mark Kelly, filed the federal lawsuit Tuesday in D.C. The complaint says that two NRA affiliates, the NRA-Political Victory Fund and NRA-Institute for Legislative Action, “engaged in an ongoing scheme to evade campaign finance regulations by using a series of shell corporations to illegally but surreptitiously coordinate advertising with at least seven candidates for federal office.”

    The allegations center around two groups: a political consultancy firm operating as both Onboard and Starboard, and a vendor, National Media and affiliates American Media and Advertising Group and Red Eagle Media. Giffords says the NRA used the groups to coordinate campaign advertising between the organization and the candidates.

    NRA Shell Companies Scheme

    “These schemes allow the NRA to evade federal contribution limits and shield millions of dollars of public spending from public scrutiny in violation of [the Federal Election Campaign Act],” the lawsuit says. 

    The connections between the NRA and the groups were first reported by the Trace and Mother Jones in 2018 and 2019. 

    The campaigns and candidates mentioned in the lawsuit include former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, which the CLC alleges received $25 million from companies as part of the scheme. In addition to the NRA-PVF and NRA-ILA, the lawsuit also names Sen. Josh Hawley and former Montana Senate candidate Matt Rosendale as defendants, and says Sens. Thom Tillis, Tom Cotton, Ron Johnson, and former Sen. Cory Gardner also received the donations.

    The NRA denied the lawsuit’s claims. “Another premeditated abuse of the public by our adversaries—who will stop at nothing in their pursuit of their anti-freedom agenda,” the gun group told the Washington Post.

    Did NRA Shell Companies Bribe
    Did NRA Shell Companies Bribe

    “Suffice to say, the NRA has full confidence in its political activities and remains eager to set the record straight.”

    Kyle Plotkin, a political adviser for Hawley, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that the complaint was “a frivolous lawsuit by a special interest anti-gun group who wants to take away the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

    Giffords is the gun-safety advocacy group that came out of Americans for Responsible Solutions, the political action committee started by former congresswoman Giffords and Sen. Kelly. It was formed after she was shot and nearly killed in an assassination attempt in 2011. 

    From 2014 to 2018, Giffords companies spent millions in support of Democratic candidates running against the Republicans named, including Hillary Clinton and former Sens. Russ Feingold, Claire McCaskill, and Mark Udall, the lawsuit says. The only Republican named in the lawsuit who lost his race was Rosendale, who was defeated by Sen. Jon Tester in 2018. Last year, Rosendale won election to the House. 

    Both Companies The CLC and Giffords sued the Federal Election Commission in 2019 after it failed to act on complaints the group had filed. In September, the same D.C. court ruled that the FEC had to take action on the complaint within 30 days, and when the deadline expired without action, the court ruled that Giffords could sue the NRA directly in order to “remedy the violations” it sought in the FEC complaints. 

    “The FEC had the chance to do its job by taking action against the NRA for this massive coordination scheme, but as usual, the FEC failed to enforce the law,” CLC Action senior legal counsel Molly Danahy said in a statement. “Therefore, we are compelled to take legal action to crack down on secret spending.”


    In 2018, Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and Giffords filed four separate administrative complaints with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging that the National Rifle Association (NRA) violated the Federal Election Campaign Act by using a series of shell corporations to make millions of dollars of unreported contributions to at least seven federal candidates since 2014.

    The political and media consulting firm OnMessage set up a shell corporation called Starboard. According to their incorporation documents, the firms not only share an address, but share the same leadership. OnMessage has also taken credit for advertisements contracted through Starboard, including accepting and promoting industry awards for ads created by Starboard.

    The NRA contracts with Starboard to produce advertisements in support of federal candidates. At the same time, the candidates contract with OnMessage for their own media and advertising needs.

    Both the companies NRA and the candidates it supported place their ads through a media firm called National Media. To further hide this coordination, the NRA ads are typically placed under a separate trade name used by National Media called Red Eagle, while the candidate ads are typically placed by National Media affiliate American Media and Advocacy Group. There are several instances the same employee placed ads for both the NRA and the candidates the NRA supported, and in some cases ads were placed for both groups by the same employee on the same day.

    This scheme appears designed to evade detection of violations of the laws governing coordination between campaigns and outside groups and, in doing so, facilitated as much as $35 million in illegal, unreported contributions from the NRA to at least seven federal campaigns.

    The FEC regulates the use of common vendors for media placement because the targeting of political ads is a critical element of a campaign effort. If the NRA possessed inside knowledge of these campaigns’ strategies thanks to common vendors, it could strategically time and target its ads to complement the campaigns’ own efforts. 

    That would make the expenditures anything but “independent.” Companies Vendors that work for both candidates and outside groups may be able to comply with federal election law by establishing a firewall segregating employees who work for outside groups from those who work for campaigns, and ensuring that information is not shared between the two sides. No such firewall exists, however, when the same employees are placing ads for both the NRA and the candidates the NRA supports.  

    Through companies the shell company scheme described above, the NRA used inside information about candidates’ media and advertising strategy to create and place supposedly ‘independent’ ads supporting those candidates. This coordination creates an unfair advantage for the candidates, and violates the law. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, groups like the NRA can only make unlimited expenditures if they are truly independent of the candidates they support. It falls to the FEC to enforce the laws that preserve that independence and prevent corruption.

    source https://campaignlegal.org/cases-actions/giffords-v-fec

    Cheapest Auto Insurance Company in US 2022


    What is the cheapest car insurance company?

    State Farm and USAA are the most affordable major insurance companies in the country. State Farm offers an average rate of $532 per year for a minimum-liability policy, 26% below the national average. USAA costs an average of $432 per year, although only active military members, veterans or their families can qualify.

    cheapest car insurance companies

    Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

    Jobs In Insurance

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      Among insurers that have a smaller national footprint, Farm Bureau Insurance, at $472 per year, and Auto-Owners, at $484 per year, rank as the cheapest. Erie’s in a close third place at $503 per year.

      Smaller insurance companies sometimes offer lower rates because they compete with much bigger companies. Some also deliver more local knowledge or a personal touch because they’re based in your state or community.

      How can I find the best price on car insurance?

      CompanyMonthly rateAnnual rate
      Farm Bureau$39$472
      State Farm$44$532

      What is the cheapest car insurance company for you?

      To find the cheapest car insurance for you, start by getting quotes from the auto insurance companies with the cheapest rates. Depending on a variety of factors — location, driving history, credit score and more — some insurers may be cheaper for certain drivers than others. If you’re looking for the cheapest companies that also offer the best balance of affordability, strong customer service and coverage options, compare the best auto insurance companies.

      Cheapest car insurance company overall: State Farm

      State Farm

      State Farm is the largest auto insurance company in the country, with the cheapest widely available rates in 29 states. Additionally, the company boasts an enormous network of local agents, meaning there’s likely a State Farm agent in your city who can help you compare rates.

      State Farm is the best and cheapest car insurance company for most drivers, considering that USAA has eligibility restrictions, and Farm Bureau and Auto-Owners are disproportionately expensive when you add more coverage.

      Cheapest for full coverage

      Cheapest for minimum liability

      RankCompanyMonthly rate
      2State Farm$109
      4Farm Bureau$131

      A full-coverage policy includes both collision and comprehensive insurance, protecting you against damage to your car, not just the legal liability of hurting or injuring other drivers.

      State Farm also scores high marks for policy options. It offers pet coverage, rideshare insurance and roadside assistance. Customers also have plenty of options to bundle and even further lower their rates.

      Drivers with State Farm can enroll in programs such as Drive Safe & Save to turn good driving habits into lower rates. They can also qualify for a range of discounts, including an accident-free discount, multicar discount and anti-theft discount.

      Cheapest car insurance rates after discounts: Geico


      Geico has some of the cheapest car insurance in the country, second only to State Farm among the biggest companies.

      Geico may have cheaper rates for you than State Farm depending on where you live, as the cheapest company in seven states, including California and Florida.

      Geico stands out when it comes to potential savings through discounts. Though State Farm has slightly cheaper rates on average, you may pay less overall if you qualify for Geico’s many car insurance discounts.

      Geico has one of the longest lists of discounts available, and how much you can save with each discount is more than most companies.

      For example, Geico offers safe drivers a discount of up to 22%, compared to the average of 10%. Having anti-theft devices installed in your car typically saves you up to 15%, but Geico promises savings up to 23%.

      CompanyNumber of car insurance discounts
      American Family16
      Liberty Mutual14
      State Farm11

      Cheapest auto insurance company for a bad driving record: Erie


      Erie has some of the cheapest car insurance rates for drivers with a ticket or accident on their driving record. And you probably won’t find a better rate if you have a DUI (driving under the influence) on your driving record. Erie also increases rates the least after a driving incident.

      Erie will only raise your rates by an average of 7% if you get a ticket, while most insurers increase premiums by 22% or more. For an at-fault accident, Erie will only raise your rates by 25% instead of the average 44%. And Erie’s average quote with a DUI is $2,257 per year, an increase of 64%. Expect other companies to double your rates after a DUI.

      Cheapest car insurance companies after a driving incident

      CompanyClean recordTicketAccidentDUI
      State Farm$1,313$1,463$1,633$3,590
      Farm Bureau$1,576$1,774$2,110$2,813
      American Family$1,755$2,055$2,706$2,832

      Show All Rows

      Rates are for a 12-month full-coverage policy, which includes comprehensive and collision insurance, plus state-mandated liability insurance.

      Erie also has a strong customer service reputation and a good set of insurance options.

      Erie customers who are eligible for its Rate Lock program can avoid premium hikes that could cause rates to creep up over the years. This is a unique program where customers won’t see their rates increase except for three reasons: you move to a different area or change where you park your car, add or remove someone from your policy, or add or remove a car.

      That means your rates won’t go up even if you happen to get a ticket or file a claim.

      Erie also offers the same car insurance discounts that larger national insurers provide, including bundling multiple insurance policies, having a vehicle equipped with anti-lock brakes or anti-theft equipment or driving safely as a young or senior driver.

      The biggest downside to Erie is that it’s only available in 12 states plus DC:

      • District of Columbia
      • Illinois
      • Indiana
      • Kentucky
      • Maryland
      • New York
      • North Carolina
      • Ohio
      • Pennsylvania
      • Tennessee
      • Virginia
      • West Virginia
      • Wisconsin

      Cheapest car insurance for safe and low-mileage drivers: Metromile


      If you drive less than average or are generally a safe driver, a usage-based or pay-per-mile auto insurance company such as Metromile may be the cheapest insurance for you.

      Metromile was one of the first companies in the U.S. to determine premiums largely based on mileage. How much driving is too much when shopping with Metromile? Generally, for Metromile to be a good deal, drivers should drive fewer than 10,000 miles per year.

      Usage-based insurance is often cheaper than standard car insurance because your rates are largely based on how often and how well you drive. It’s a good option for people who are generally safe drivers but can’t find cheap rates elsewhere because they’re young, have poor credit, live in a congested city or have other risk factors that raise their insurance rates.

      That means Metromile is a cheap company for people who are retired or work from home, students who live on campus and young drivers with a clean driving record.

      The biggest downside to Metromile is that it’s only available in eight states: Arizona, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington. If you don’t live in one of those states, consider other telematics programs that offer discounts for less driving or safer driving, like Nationwide, Liberty Mutual or State Farm.

      Cheapest car insurance for drivers with poor credit: Farm Bureau

      Farm Bureau

      Get a Quote

      Overall, Farm Bureau is the cheapest auto insurance company for drivers with poor credit, averaging $1,278 per year.

      Farm Bureau’s average rate is $32 per year cheaper than the next closest widely available competitor, Geico. The company’s rates are 12% cheaper than average.

      CompanyPoor creditVery good creditRate hike
      Farm Bureau$1,278$69983%
      American Family$1,354$74183%

      Show All Rows

      Rates are for our designated sample driver shopping for a full-coverage policy.

      Farm Bureau operates like AAA: nearly every state has a local chapter that offers car insurance policies and other benefits to members. Anyone can become a member, not just farmers, but you’ll need to pay an annual membership fee, which can range from $20 to $100 per year. Membership benefits also include discounts on car purchases, farm equipment, produce, healthcare, travel, rental cars and more.

      Drivers with poor credit typically receive insurance quotes that are 99% higher on average compared to drivers with excellent credit. Improving your credit score is a great way to get big savings on your insurance policy.

      Cheapest car insurance company for military members: USAA


      USAA is the cheapest company on average by quite a wide margin for drivers who qualify, beating State Farm’s rates by $100 per year on average.

      InsurerAverage annual rate
      Farm Bureau$472
      State Farm$532
      Average of all insurers$717

      USAA operates in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., but only active military members, veterans and their families may be eligible. However, as the fifth-largest auto insurance company in the country, it serves almost as many drivers as other big names like Progressive and Allstate.

      USAA stands out for more than just affordable rates: It also has one of the best customer service reputations in the industry. The company takes the top spots in J.D. Power’s Auto Insurance Claims Satisfaction Study every year. USAA also has a low complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which means customers don’t have many complaints about their service or claims.

      The cheapest insurers by state

      Select your stateAlabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District Of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming 

      The price of car insurance varies greatly between states. One company may be expensive in Utah but inexpensive in New York. USAA is almost always the cheapest company in every state, but its eligibility requirements make it restrictive. State Farm was the cheapest widely available and accessible insurer.

      In some states, a small, local company or affiliate could offer you the least expensive car insurance. For example, the cheapest insurers on average in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Nebraska are their Farm Bureau affiliates.

      Which company has the best car insurance?

      StateCheapest companyAnnual rate
      AlabamaState Farm$554
      AlaskaState Farm$359
      ArizonaState Farm$653
      ArkansasFarm Bureau$361
      ColoradoState Farm$452

      Show All Rows

      What are the 3 major car insurances?

      A variety of factors affect your car insurance rates, including your location, age, driving history, vehicle, credit score and, perhaps most importantly, coverage.

      Cheapest rates by age and coverage

      Young drivers and those with an accident history typically have much cheaper quotes than older drivers and those who have a clean driving record. Drivers who opt for a minimum-coverage policy can get the cheapest auto insurance rates, though they risk not being fully covered in a major car accident.

      Broadly speaking, you should take two key steps to find the cheapest car insurance for you.

      1. Ensure you’re shopping for the appropriate level of car insurance coverage.
      2. Shop for quotes between multiple insurers, including our top recommendations. When shopping, take advantage of all available discounts.

      Taking the first step — knowing how much car insurance you need — is important for finding appropriately cheap car insurance. You don’t want to overpay for unnecessary coverage, but you do want to purchase enough coverage to fulfill legal requirements and to appropriately cover your risk. You’ll also have to define your appropriate coverage limits to make fair price comparisons across insurers.

      Determining how much auto insurance you need comes down to understanding your budget, your state’s car insurance requirements and how the different types of coverage work together.

      CoverageRequiredHow much to get
      Bodily injury liabilityRequired in every state except FL, NH and VAPer accident limits close to your net worth
      Property damage liabilityRequired in every state except NH and VAPer accident limits close to your net worth
      Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverageRequired in 22 statesPer accident limits close to your net worth if you don’t have PIP and collision
      Collision and comprehensiveRequired if you have a car loan or lease a carRecommended if your car is worth more than $3,000
      Personal injury protection (PIP) or medical paymentsRequired in 14 statesRecommended if you don’t have health insurance or you have high deductibles or copays

      How much coverage you need will depend on your finances. For example, high-net-worth individuals should get liability limits similar to their net worth, which will probably exceed the state-required minimums.

      Who normally has the cheapest car insurance?

      Now that you’ve determined how much car insurance you need, shop around between insurers and apply all discounts possible.

      Once you know how much coverage to buy, it’s time to compare car insurance companies. Even when you opt for the exact same coverage levels with two different insurers, one company could be much cheaper for you than another based on how it calculates its rates.

      It’s easier than ever to compare cheap insurance quotes using online quote tools. But you may want to talk to an insurance agent to ensure you get the most accurate quote possible.

      By talking to an agent, you can see if you qualify for discounts that may not be applied in the online quote tool process. Car insurance discounts are generally broken into four categories:

      • Driver safety discount: Cheaper rates for having a safe driver history or taking defensive driving courses.
      • Driver discount: Discounts lifestyle elements that insurers reward with cheaper rates. These can range from incentives — such as a student getting savings for getting good grades — to elements you can’t control, such as a senior discount for those of a certain age.
      • Policy discount: Savings offered for buying more products or coverage from a particular insurer. The most common discount of this type is a home and auto bundle, in which you get big savings from buying home and auto insurance with the same company.
      • Safe car discount: If your car has safety features, such as anti-theft technology or automatic braking, you may qualify for a discount.


      cheapest car insurance quote and car insurance geico car insurance the general car insurance competitive car insurance best car insurance car insurance near me car insurance quotes cheap car insurance u.s. car insurance car insurance quotes comparison good drivers average annual rate

      Remote Customer Service Jobs

      Remote Costumer Service Jobs
      Remote Costumer Service Jobs

      Remote Customer Service Jobs is One of the most popular work from home job categories on Thejobsalert.com is Remote Customer Service Jobs Careers, and with good reason. Most duties performed by customer service agents can be done from a home office using the internet to connect to communications tools. Customer service professionals serve as the first point of contact for customers. They provide information or answer questions about products or services and handle and resolve complaints to provide a positive customer service experience.

      Remote Costumer Service Jobs
      Remote Customer Service Jobs

      Most duties performed by Remote Customer Service Jobs agents can be done from a home office using the internet to connect to communications tools. Customer service professionals serve as the first point of contact for customers. They provide information or answer questions about products or services and handle and resolve complaints to provide a positive customer service experience.

      And right now, online customer service agents are in high demand. Over the last several months, we’ve seen an increase in the number of companies hiring for Remote Customer Service representative jobs. Below are 12 companies that commonly hire for remote customer service jobs on our site!


      Thejobsalert.com is the longtime leader in helping job seekers find the highest-quality remote, work-from-home, hybrid, and flexible jobs. You can sign up for premium-level access to our database of hand-screened job listings, as well as job search and career webinars, and many other great resources! Learn today how Thejobsalert.com can empower your job search!

      Current Customer Service Open Jobs

      Personal Risk Advisor

      Remote Customer Service Jobs General Minimum Requirements

      Responsibilities of Customer Service:

      • Handle customer inquiries and complaints
      • Provide information about the products and services
      • Troubleshoot and resolve product issues and concerns
      • Document and update customer records based on interactions
      • Develop and maintain a knowledge base of the evolving products and services

      Qualifications for Customer Service :

      • Previous experience in customer service, sales, or other related fields
      • Ability to build rapport with clients
      • Ability to prioritize and multitask
      • Positive and professional demeanor
      • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


      • High school diploma or Equivalent Experience.
      • Experience with ERP systems like NetSuite, EPICOR, MAS, SAP, etc.
      • Intermediate to advances skill of MS Office Suite
      • Use of common customer service tools like Zendesk, Cloud based phone systems
      • Basic knowledge of electronics is a plus.
      • Great communication skills
      • Ability to lift 30 pounds
      • Knowledgeable on DAW systems a plus.
      • Able to multitask and prioritize under pressure.
      • Sit for extended hours.
      • Knowledgeable on Microsoft Office.

      thejobsalert.com is a recruitment firm and prides itself in only working with reputable companies, management, and executives

      12 Companies Hiring for Remote, Work-from-Home Remote Customer Service Jobs

      1. Ajilon

      Ajilon specializes in placing marketing, administration, management, customer service, human resources, non-clinical healthcare, supply chain, logistics, and operations professionals in some of the world’s most established companies.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Customer Service Representative
      • Credentialing Specialist
      • Member Services Assistant

      2. CVS Health

      CVS Health is the nation’s largest provider of healthcare services and prescriptions, managing over 9,500 pharmacy stores, a thriving online pharmacy, and 1,100 MinuteClinic locations.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Call Center Representative – Bilingual
      • Call Center Representative
      • Patient Advocate Specialty I

      3. Kelly

      Kelly specializes in placing workers in a variety of industries, including accounting and finance, administrative, automotive, engineering, information technology, life sciences, and call centers. Outsourcing and consulting services include recruitment and business process outsourcing, executive search, career transition, and executive coaching.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Remote Customer Service Jobs
      • Remote Customer Service Jobs Representative I
      • Helpdesk Tier 1

      4. Lincoln Financial Group

      Lincoln Financial Group offers financial products that help customers achieve retirement income security. The company offers annuities, life insurance, and long-term care protection.

      Recent remote work-from-home Remote Customer Service Jobs:

      • Claims Care Associate
      • New Business Case Manager
      • TeleApp Specialist

      5. Progressive

      Progressive is one of the largest car insurance providers in the United States. In addition to insuring cars, Progressive insures commercial vehicles, RVs, boats, motorcycles, and homes through select companies.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Claims Customer Service Representative
      • Customer Service – Bilingual Spanish
      • Centralized Support Representative

      6. Randstad

      Randstad is a global staffing agency and HR services provider offering permanent, temporary, and outsourced staffing services and a range of HR solutions. Randstad works with clients in several industries, including finance and accounting, engineering, healthcare, IT, human resources, legal, manufacturing, life sciences, and logistics.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Customer Service Participant Services
      • Customer Service
      • Customer Service Representative

      7. Robert Half International

      Founded in 1948, Robert Half International is a global professional staffing and consulting firm made up of eight divisions: Robert Half Executive Search, Accountemps, Robert Half Finance & Accounting, Robert Half Legal, Robert Half Technology, OfficeTeam, The Creative Group, and Robert Half Management Resources.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Customer Service Representative
      • Service Desk
      • Customer Service Insurance Agent

      8. Sutherland

      Sutherland is a worldwide process transformation company with more than 60 global operation centers, over 120 clients, and 38,000 employees in 19 countries. It helps customers improve automated customer experiences by providing customer-facing services, back-office solutions, and technology-enabled services.

      Recent remote customer service work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Customer Service Representative
      • Customer Care Support
      • Customer Service Advisor

      9. Transcom

      Transcom is a global company that offers customer care, sales, technical support, and credit management services. Transcom has nearly 30,000 employees and serves more than 350 international brands in a variety of verticals, such as financial services, media, telecommunications, travel, and retail.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Customer Service and Technical Support Representative
      • Technical Support Advisor

      10. TTEC

      TTEC is a business process outsourcing company with operating offices across the globe. It seeks to combine humanity with technology to help clients provide excellent customer experiences, establish customer loyalty, and boost business growth. TTEC has nearly 20,000 home-based associates worldwide.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Bilingual Customer Service Representative – Spanish
      • Customer Service Representative
      • Technical Support Representative

      11. UnitedHealth Group

      UnitedHealth Group is a diversified healthcare company comprising two businesses: United Healthcare, a provider of benefits and insurance coverage, and Optum, a leading provider of technology and information-enabled health services.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Client Service Manager
      • Senior Customer Service Representative
      • Clinical Administration Coordinator

      12. U.S. Bank

      U.S. Bank is one of the top five largest commercial banks in the United States. Owned by the Fortune 500 company U.S. Bancorp, U.S. Bank offers a wide array of services, including savings and checking accounts, insurance, mortgage and refinance, investing and wealth management, and loans.

      Recent remote work-from-home customer service jobs:

      • Consumer Experience Specialist
      • Customer Service Agent
      • Credit Dispute Case Processor

      Finding remote work from home customer service jobs From Home

      If you’re interested in getting an online customer service job, be sure to highlight your customer service skills, excellent written and verbal communication, and your comfort learning new technology. It’s also important to have a quiet place to work like a dedicated home office.

      Companies may ask that you have high-speed internet or other necessities in order to excel in a customer service job from home. Finally, research the company and role as much as you can, and you’ll be sure to impress the hiring managers during your application process!

      remote customer service jobs part time

      How do I become a remote customer service?

      What jobs are remote and pay well?

      What Is Insurance Underwriter


      What does an insurance underwriter do?

      Insurance underwriters are professionals who evaluate and analyze the risks involved in insuring people and assets. Insurance underwriters establish pricing for accepted insurable risks. The term underwriting means receiving remuneration for the willingness to pay a potential risk. Underwriters use specialized software and actuarial data to determine the likelihood and magnitude of a risk.

      What is Underwriting?

      Insurance Underwriter
      Insurance Underwriter

      Do insurance underwriters make good money?

      1. Insurance underwriters evaluate the risks involved in insuring people and assets and establish pricing for a risk. 
      2. Underwriters in investment banking guarantee a minimum share price for a company planning an IPO (initial public offering).
      3. Commercial banking underwriters assess the risk of lending to individuals or lenders and charge interest to cover the cost of assuming that risk.
      4. Assume the risk of a future event and charge premiums in return for a promise to reimburse the client an amount in the event damage or occurs.

      Investment Banking Underwriters

      The underwriters of an investment bank often guarantee a specified amount of capital to a corporation during an initial public offering (IPO), an amount which is theoretically provided by investors as the source of capital. The bank acts only as the “facilitator” of the transaction, but they have still taken on an “underwriting risk” by promising to provide those proceeds of the sale to the client, regardless of the success or failure of the sale of its company’s shares.

      Ways Machine Learning Can Enhance Insurance Underwriting
      Ways Machine Learning Can Enhance Insurance Underwriting

      Insurance Underwriters

      Insurance underwriters assume the risk involved in a contract with an individual or entity. For example, an underwriter may assume the risk of the cost of a fire in a home in return for a premium or a monthly payment. Evaluating an insurer’s risk before the policy period and at the time of renewal is a vital function of an underwriter.

      For example, homeowners insurance underwriters must consider numerous variables when rating a homeowner’s policy. Property and casualty insurance agents act as field underwriters, initially inspecting homes or rental properties for conditions such as deteriorated roofs or foundations that pose a risk to the carrier. The agents report hazards to the home underwriter. The home underwriter additionally considers hazards that may trigger a liability claim.

      Hazards include unfenced swimming pools, cracked sidewalks, and the presence of dead or dying trees on the property. These and other hazards represent risks to an insurance company, which may eventually be required to pay liability claims in the event of accidental drownings or slip and fall injuries.

      Inputting a number of factors, which often includes an applicant’s credit rating, homeowner insurance underwriters employ an algorithmic rating method to pricing. The system generates an appropriate premium based on the platform’s interpretation and the combination of all data reported from the observations of the field underwriter. The lead underwriter also subjectively considers answers submitted by the applicant on the policy application when arriving at a premium.

      Insurance companies must balance their approach to underwriting: if too aggressive, greater-than-expected claims could compromise earnings; if too conservative, they will be outpriced by competitors and lose market share.

      Commercial Banking Insurance Underwriters

      Commercial banking underwriters assess the creditworthiness of borrowers to decide whether the individual or entity should receive a loan or funding. The borrower is typically charged a fee to cover the lender’s risk if the borrower defaults on the loan.

      Medical Stop-Loss Insurance Underwriting

      Medical stop-loss underwriters assess risk based on the individual health conditions of self-insured employer groups. Stop-loss insurance protects groups that pay their own health insurance claims for employees rather than paying premiums to transfer all of the risk to an insurance carrier.

      Self-insured entities pay medical and prescription drug claims plus administration fees out of company reserves and assume the risk posed by the potential for large or catastrophic losses such as organ transplants or cancer treatments. Underwriters for self-insured entities must thus assess the individual medical profiles of employees. Underwriters also evaluate the risk of the group as a whole and calculate an appropriate premium level and aggregate claims limit, which, if exceeded, may cause irreparable financial harm to the employer.

      Looking for Financial Work? look here for financial guide

      Fast Fact of Insurance Underwriter Positions

      Insurance underwriting is a large and profitable industry; according to Business Insider, Warren Buffett used insurance and reinsurance premiums to fund investments at Berkshire Hathaway.. Compete with thousands of Investopedia traders and trade your way to the top! Submit trades in a virtual environment before you start risking your own money. Practice trading strategies so that when you’re ready to enter the real market, you’ve had the practice you need

      The Sr. Specialty Underwriter, Property is responsible for reviewing, analyzing and managing the property book of business. Using independent judgement, prepares quotes, recommendation, responds to coverage questions, while building successful relationships with agents. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Sr. Specialty Underwriter consistently works to increase positive and profitable business flow growth in the specialty lines business unit.

      As the Sr. Specialty Underwriter, you will be responsible for the following:

      · Build, maintain and utilize strong relationships with wholesale business partners to generate opportunities in line with Specialty guidelines

      · Review and analyse underwriting submissions to determine suitability for quoting.

      · Generate quotation terms based on underwriting expertise, and in accordance with Letter of Authority.

      · Negotiate terms and conditions of facultative reinsurance support with intermediary and direct markets.

      · Lead and manage direct reports providing coaching, training and performance management.

      · Negotiate terms and conditions of quotations with wholesale business partners.

      · Generate binding documents.

      · Operate Specialty systems including but not limited to AIM and AIR programs.

      · Liaise with Underwriting Associates to ensure correct procedures are adhered to.

      · Peer review quotation, binding and policy documents for other underwriters in Property sector of Specialty.

      · Provide disciplined approach to exposure evaluation, risk assessment and pricing.

      · Using risk insights, data and models to drive informed decisions at point of sale.

      · Monitor and enforce underwriting rules and guidelines, insurance laws, regulations and rating manual rules.

      · Serve as a customer industry advocate with a focus on improving the customer experience by understanding market risk and offering the best end-to-end solution to meet insurance needs.

      · Collaborates and guides Specialty Underwriter(s) and Underwriting Associate(s) on accounts and relationships.

      · Attend client meetings, broker calls and conventions as needed.

      · Offer additional support to Lead Underwriter and VP, Property as needed

      · Performs other related work as assigned.

      Education and Experience:

      · High School Diploma or Equivalent

      · Bachelor’s Degree preferred;

      · CPCU, ARM, Agent or Broker licence preferred

      · Five (5) or more years of experience in commercial underwriting or brokerage, market facing area, claims or underwriting support areas.

      · Supervisory experience highly desired

      Other Credentials and Job Requirements:

      · Demonstrated experience in the Commercial Underwriting, Claims or Underwriting Support area.

      · Knowledge of RMS & AIR preferred

      · Demonstrated experience in using analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills.

      · Superior skills in relationship building, active listening, needs analysis, and win-win negotiating.

      · Possess working knowledge of time restraints for quotes on new and renewal business.

      · Strong knowledge of underwriting philosophy, techniques, national/local filing regulations and guidelines.

      · Works independently with little supervision, and strong team player

      · Proven record of accomplishment reflective of consistent position growth and demonstrated technical knowledge and strong understanding of Insurance Operations.

      · Ability to consistently apply underwriting concepts and practices within the Specialty underwriting field.

      · Ability to strategically manage risk and analyze data.

      · Experience working in a challenge, fast paced and team environment.

      · Ability to convey clear & concise information to others utilizing excellent verbal and written communication skills.

      · Advanced knowledge of Microsoft products including a strong foundation in Excel (pivot tables, v-lookups, etc.).

      · Strong attention to numeric and other details.

      · Solid customer service orientation.

      · Strong organizational and prioritization skills and ability to manage large work volume and meet tight deadlines.

      · Ability to travel as needed.

      About GuideOne:

      GuideOne Insurance was founded upon two key philosophies that endure to this day: a commitment to social responsibility, and a dedication to serving customers in select niche markets.

      At GuideOne Insurance, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We encourage our employees to work towards common goals and succeed together. GuideOne is a recognized expert in providing Commercial Lines insurance and financial services to:

      · Religious Organizations

      · Non profit organizations

      · Educational Institutes

      · Program Business

      · Construction

      · Infrastructure & Rail

      · Energy & Mining

      · Financial / D&O

      · Technical Property

      Rich Benefits Package:

      · 401K includes a match up to 6% at 100%.

      · Generous time off program including; personal, holiday, and volunteer paid time off.

      · Flexible work schedules.

      · Wellness incentives.

      · Free Basic Life and AD&D.

      · Free short-term and long-term disability.

      · Educational assistance program.

      · 3 different medical plans options to meet individual needs, including dental and vision.

      · Company sponsored community volunteer opportunities.

      This Company Participates in E-Verify


      analyst development program

      to become an insurance

      Remote Client Service Jobs Career Overview

      Remote Client Service Jobs Career
      Remote Client Service Jobs Career

      Remote Client Service Jobs Career

      Remote Client Service Jobs Careers is One of the most popular work from home job on Thejobsalert.com is , and with good reason heres the overview.

      Utmost duties performed by client service agents can be done from a home office using the internet to connect to dispatches tools. Client service professionals serve as the first point of contact for guests. They give information or answer questions about products or services and handle and resolve complaints to give a positive client service experience.

      And right now, online client service agents are in high demand. Over the last several months, we ’ve seen an increase in the number of companies hiring for client service representative jobs. Below are 12 companies that generally hire for remote client service jobs on our point!


      Thejobsalert.com is the longtime leader in helping job campaigners find the loftiest- quality remote, work-from- home, mongrel, and flexible jobs. You can subscribe up for decoration- position access to our database of hand- screened job rosters, as well as job hunt and career webinars, and numerous other great coffers! Learn moment howThejobsalert.com can empower your job hunt!

      Current Open Jobs for Remote Client Service Jobs Career

      General Minimum Conditions


      Handle client inquiries and complaints

      Give information about the products and services

      Troubleshoot and resoluteness product issues and enterprises

      Document and update client records grounded on relations

      Develop and maintain a knowledge base of the evolving products and services

      Remote Client Service Jobs Career
      Remote Client Service Jobs Career

      Qualifications for Remote Client Service Jobs Career

      Former experience in client service, deals, or other affiliated fields
      Capability to make fellowship with guests
      Capability to prioritize and multitask
      Positive and professional address
      Excellent written and verbal communication chops
      High academy parchment or Equivalent Experience.
      Experience with ERP systems like NetSuite, EPICOR, MAS, SAP,etc.
      Intermediate to advances skill of MS Office Suite
      Use of common client service tools like Zendesk, Cloud grounded phone systems
      .Introductory knowledge of electronics is a plus.
      Great communication chops
      Capability to lift 30 pounds
      Knowledgeable on DAW systems a plus.
      Suitable to multitask and prioritize under pressure.
      Sit for extended hours.
      Knowledgeable on MicrosoftOffice.

      thejobsalert.com is a reclamation establishment and prides itself in only working with estimable companies, operation, and directors

      12 Companies Hiring for Remote, Work-from- Home Client Service Jobs

      1. Ajilon

      Ajilon specializes in placing marketing, administration, operation, client service, mortal coffers,non-clinical healthcare, force chain, logistics, and operations professionals in some of the world’s most established companies.

      Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs

      Client Service Representative
      Credentialing Specialist
      Member Services Assistant

      1. CVS Health CVS Health is the nation’s largest provider of healthcare services and conventions, managing over drugstore stores, a thriving online drugstore, and MinuteClinic locales. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Call Center Representative – Bilingual
        Call Center Representative
        Patient Advocate Specialty I
      2. Kelly Kelly specializes in placing workers in a variety of diligence, including account and finance, executive, automotive, engineering, information technology, life lores, and call centers. Outsourcing and consulting services include reclamation and business process outsourcing, administrative hunt, career transition, and administrative coaching. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Client Service Representative
        Client Support Representative I
        Helpdesk Tier 1
      3. Lincoln Financial Group Lincoln Financial Group offers fiscal products that help guests achieve withdrawal income security. The company offers appropriations, life insurance, and long- term care protection. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Claims Care Associate
        New Business Case Manager
        TeleApp Specialist
      4. Progressive Progressive is one of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States. In addition to assuring buses, Progressive insures marketable vehicles, RVs, boats, motorcycles, and homes through select companies. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Claims Client Service Representative
        Client Service – Bilingual Spanish
        Centralized Support Representative
      5. Randstad Randstad is a global staffing agency and HR services provider immolation endless, temporary, and outsourced staffing services and a range of HR results. Randstad works with guests in several diligence, including finance and account, engineering, healthcare, IT, mortal coffers, legal, manufacturing, life lores, and logistics. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Client Service Party Services
        Client Service
        Client Service Representative
      6. Robert Half International Innovated in 1948, Robert Half International is a global professional staffing and consulting establishment made up of eight divisions Robert Half Executive Hunt, Accountemps, Robert Half Finance & Accounting, Robert Half Legal, Robert Half Technology, OfficeTeam, The Creative Group, and Robert Half Management Coffers. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Client Service Representative
        Service Office
        Client Service Insurance Agent
      7. Sutherland Sutherland is a worldwide process metamorphosis company with further than 60 global operation centers, over 120 guests, and workers in 19 countries. It helps guests ameliorate automated client gests by furnishing client- facing services, back- office results, and technology- enabled services. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Client Service Representative
        Client Care Support
        Client Service Advisor
      8. Transcom Transcom is a global company that offers client care, deals, specialized support, and credit operation services. Transcom has nearly workers and serves further than 350 transnational brands in a variety of verticals, similar as fiscal services, media, telecommunications, trip, and retail. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Client Service and Technical Support Representative
        Technical Support Advisor
      9. TTEC TTEC is a business process outsourcing company with operating services across the globe. It seeks to combine humanity with technology to help guests give excellent client gests, establish client fidelity, and boost business growth. TTEC has nearly home- grounded associates worldwide. Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs Bilingual Client Service Representative – Spanish
        Client Service Representative
        Technical Support Representative
      10. UnitedHealth Group UnitedHealth Group is a diversified healthcare company comprising two businesses United Healthcare, a provider of benefits and insurance content, and Optum, a leading provider of technology and information- enabled health services. Recent remote work-from- home client service jo
        Client Service Manager
        Elderly Client Service Representative
        Clinical Administration Fellow
        12.U.S. Bank

      U.S. Bank is one of the top five largest marketable banks in the United States. Possessed by the Fortune 500 companyU.S. Bancorp,U.S. Bank offers a wide array of services, including savings and checking accounts, insurance, mortgage and refinance, investing and wealth operation, and loans.

      Recent remote work-from- home client service jobs

      Consumer Experience Specialist
      Client Service Agent
      Credit Disagreement Case Processor
      Finding Remote Client Service Jobs From Home

      Still, be sure to punctuate your client service chops, excellent written and verbal communication, If you ’re interested in getting an online client service job. It’s also important to have a quiet place to work like a devoted home office.

      Companies may ask that you have high- speed internet or other musts in order to exceed in a client service job from home. Eventually, probe the company and part as much as you can, and you ’ll be sure to impress the hiring directors during your operation process!

      How to Become a Pipeline Operators in New York

      How to Become a Pipeline Operators in New York
      How to Become a Pipeline Operators in New York

      Pipeline operators facilitate keeping the oil and gas trade productive and safe by participating in coaching exercises and finishing their job duties below specific and safe pointers. If you’re fascinated by science, technology, systems, and science, you will relish a career as a pipeline operator.

      How to Become a Pipeline Operators in New York
      Pipeline Operators by Freepik

      What is a pipeline operator?

      The pipeline operator is technically skilled that controls the flow of gas, oil, and different materials through pipelines. A pipeline operator is also the primary.

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      Work conditions for a pipeline operators

      Pipeline operators usually add industrial settings like power plants, oil refineries, and gas distribution facilities. They will pay time with the particular pipeline instrumentation throughout inspections and repairs or work on a pc during a center. Pipeline operators might visit job sites and must work longer hours that embody nights, weekends, and holidays.

      How to become a pipeline operators

      Earn a high school certificate

      To start a career as a pipeline operator, you would like a high school certificate or the equivalent, like a GED.

      Earn a university degree or technical certification

      Some entry-level pipeline operator positions need a high school certificate. Following a technical certification or AN degree to find more skills and add credentials to your resume once applying. Some establishments supply specific pipeline or oil and gas-related programs lines of work faculties. Technical schools conjointly offer programs in fields like technology, electrical systems, and chemical engineering.

      Consider a change of integrity of a member of the association.

      Current and potential pipeline operators might value more highly to be part of member organizations like the International Union of operational Engineers (IUOE) or the Pipeline Contractors Association (PLCA). These teams supply coaching programs in numerous cities at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and supply room instruction and in-person field coaching with specialized instrumentation and technical systems. They conjointly advocate on behalf of the oil and gas trade workers to assist set safe and economical operation practices, resolve illustrious issues within the trade and hash out labor agreements.

      Earn expertise through AN place or beginner program

      You will pursue these sorts of opportunities on your own or with postsecondary certification or coaching. Establishments and employers agency supply place and beginner programs might opt for candidates with little or no expertise. The field agency needs to find out skills and codes, rules or policies associated with specific systems whereas on the work. The length of place and beginner programs will vary from six months to 2 years, looking on your leader.

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      Consider earning the certification.

      Though not needed for all pipeline operator positions, people who need to figure directly with the facility grid should become certified through the North yank Energy dependableness Corporation. To earn the certification, you need to pass a written examination. The certificate is valid for 3 years and needs renewal and continued education courses to remain current. Earning certification might add additional credentials to your resume and permit for added employment opportunities within the future.

      Apply for positions as a pipeline operator

      Prepare a resume and canopy letter to assist you thru the hiring method. Potential employers might raise you for these documents additionally to proof of a legitimate driving license. You will conjointly get to pass a medical checkup and a background check, looking at the establishment that you’re applying.


      Heavy Equipment Operator / Laborer MDU Resources Group, Inc.MDU Resources Group, Inc.

      There are many jobs within the military that are transferable to our Heavy Equipment Operator/Laborer position:Air Force:Pavement and Construction Equipment JourneymanPavement and Construction Equipment ApprenticePavement and Construction Equipment HelperArmy: Construction Equipment SupervisorMotor T. Surface Heavy Equipment Operator Warrior Met CoalWarrior Met Coal

      Performs the required pre-operation equipment safety checks and maintenance checks prior to operating the equipment. Ensure equipment is clean, conduct pre-op checks before operation and report any citable conditions or performance issues with equipment. Operate bulldozers, loaders and other prepara. Heavy Equipment Operator WalmartWalmart

      As a Power Equipment Operator at Walmart Supply Chain, you will be operating power equipment to move product through the Distribution network to the Stores to service.

      New Guide To Careers in Mechanical Engineering

      New Guide To Careers in Mechanical Engineering
      New Guide To Careers in Mechanical Engineering

      Mechanical engineering is a broad field. Many of its sub-disciplines have a profound influence on our daily lives. If this field interests you, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with basic information about mechanical engineering and some of its terminology.

      New Guide To Careers in Mechanical Engineering
      mechanical engineering freepik

      What is mechanical engineering?

      Mechanical engineering is the engineering division that concerns the design, production, operation, and analysis of machines. This discipline uses physics, mathematics, and the study of materials in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing and analyzing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transportation systems, aircraft, boats, robotics, medical equipment, weapons, and many other products.

      What are the branches of me?

      ME is the broadest field of engineering and professional branches covering power plants, automobiles, and heating and cooling systems.

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      Power generation engineering

      This branch uses thermodynamics, which is concerned with energy. Working in this branch of mechanical engineering assists, among others, in thermal production, nuclear, electric, solar, wind turbine, and hydroelectric power plants.

      Thermal engineering

      This branch involves the production of heating and cooling systems in a closed environment. This branch covers maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and cooling.

      Vehicle engineering

      Make design, production, operation, and maintenance of systems and equipment that power vehicles.

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      Automotive Engineering

      It is a branch of vehicle engineering, and automotive engineers are responsible for designing production vehicles that run on roads. This branch of mechanical engineering involves specialists, such as safety engineers.

      What tools are used in mechanical engineering?

      The basic mechanical engineering process takes place in a workshop, where engineers tend to use standard tools. Among these tools are wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches.

      Many engineering companies use computer-aided engineering (CAE) programs, including computer-aided design (CAD) software, to produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional models of parts. PLM tools are programs that can perform complex simulations to determine how objects work and how feasible it is to manufacture a particular product.

      Computer-assisted engineering programs may have the dual or sole purpose of making the manufacture of certain parts less expensive. In many cases, the use of computer programs reduces the need for manual labor. However, there is a process that only humans can do.


      Salary may depend on your level of experience and education, relevant certifications you may have, and your geographic location.

      General salary in the US: $85,000 per year
      Salaries range from $27,000 to $165,000 per year.


      Construction Project Manager – Mechanical/Plumbing SetraSetra

      The Mechanical/Plumbing Project Manager assists various public agencies and contractors in the development of renovation and modernization project scopes, reviews price proposals for accuracy, and manages work in the field through completion. Mechanical Engineering Intern QSCQSC

      Local candidates preferred, no housing stipend provided.Dewberry is a leading, market-facing professional services firm with more than 50 locations and 2,000 professionals nationwide.What sets us apart from our competitors are our people.At Dewberry, we seek out exceptional talent and strive to deli. Mechanical Engineer Data Center FrontierData Center Frontier

      Create designs and plans, provided and gather specifications, and execute assignments in a multidisciplinary mechanical engineering design role for complex facility design projects.

      Below are list Open Jobs In Mechanical Engineering

      Mechanical Engineer In NYC

      Mechanical Engineering in Trimech Services

      Mechanical Engineering in JS Held

      Mechanical Service Engineering Tectonic

      Other Jobs

      Senior Field Engineer (Civil & Mechanical)Tectonic Engineering Consultants, Geologists & Land Surveyors, D.P.C.  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedTectonic Engineering Consultants, Geologists & Land Surveyors, D.P.C.

      The Mechanical Senior Field Engineer will perform the construction inspection of building mechanical systems, including HVAC, boilers, chillers, cooling towers, pumping system, and other related systems. Tectonic is currently seeking qualified Civil and Mechanical Professional Engineers to perform v…HVAC Project SuperIconic Mechanical Service Corp.  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedIconic Mechanical Service Corp.

      Below is a brief description of what we’re looking for in our ideal candidate:.Ensure all on site employees comply with OSHA standard safety rules.Totally accountable for quality of work at project.Responsible for General Contractor and Customer relations.Attend and coordinate meetings with the site…Project Manager – Mechanical/HVAC ConsultingJobot  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedJobot

      My client is an award winning mechanical consulting company in New York. Project Manager in the mechanical / HVAC contracting field. …Studio Director – Mechanical EngineeringCyberCoders  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedCyberCoders

      If you are a Studio Director – Mechanical Engineering with 10+ years of MEP experience, please read on!. Experience with heating plant upgrades, HVAC/mechanical design, NYC local law 43, plumbing design/drawings. So, if you are a Studio Director – Mechanical Engineering with 10+ years of experience,…Senior Mechanical Engineer – NYCSmith Engineering, PLLC  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedSmith Engineering, PLLC

      We are in search of a Mechanical Engineer that wishes to focus on the design efforts and activities of complex central energy plant systems and buildings. Able to navigate a mechanical room and perform field surveys of piping systems. …Heating Air Conditioning Service TechnicianIconic Mechanical Service Corp.  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedIconic Mechanical Service Corp.

      Fast growing company looking for a field HVAC Service Technician.The person will be responsible for PM’s, installs, troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing commercial & residential HVAC systems, VRF controls, chilled water systems, boilers, variable volume air systems, at our customer’s location….Mechanical Design Engineer – CAD (South San Francisco, CA Or Remote U.S.)Phantom Auto  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedPhantom Auto

      We are seeking a CAD Design Engineer to maintain accurate master CAD models/drawings and maintain the PDM Vault along with creating/maintaining mechanical design standards. Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent. …New York Mechanical Engineering InstructorVarsity Tutors  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedVarsity Tutors

      New York Mechanical Engineering Instructor Jobs*The Varsity Tutors platform has thousands of students looking for online Mechanical Engineering instructors nationally and in New York. You have subject-matter expertise in Mechanical Engineering. …Sr Mechanical EngineerLeidos  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedLeidos

      The Leidos Civil Group is seeking a dynamic Mechanical Engineer to join the National Airspace System Integration Support Contract (NISC IV) team. In this role you will support the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Eastern Service Area (ESA) FAA Terminal Engineering Center in Jamaica, NY in des…Senior Mechanical EngineerTetra Tech  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedTetra Tech

      Develop design drawings and specifications of high- performance mechanical systems for buildings including preparation of all engineering calculations, equipment selection and layout throughout life of the project. Coordinate with other design team members including architect and structural engineer…New York Mechanical Engineering TutorVarsity Tutors  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedVarsity Tutors

      New York Mechanical Engineering Tutor Jobs*The Varsity Tutors platform has thousands of students looking for online Mechanical Engineering tutors nationally and in New York. You can show subject-matter expertise in Mechanical Engineering. …Mechanical EngineerNesco Resource, LLC  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedNesco Resource, LLC

      Our client who provides natural goods to the trucking, rail, and construction industries is seeking a Mechanical Engineer to join their team! This position come with a full suite of benefits, including a lucrative 401k matching program and more!. The Mechanical Engineer is responsible for organizing…Mechanical Engineer/Project ManagerGonzer Associates, L. J.  |  Brooklyn New York – undefined undefined undefinedGonzer Associates, L. J.

      Responsibilities and Duties -SUBWAY STATION/INFRASTRUCTURE RENOVATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS /REHABILITATIONS -Review Contract Drawings -Assist in Field Inspections -Review budgets -Prepare Inspectors reports -Attend meetings -Monitor Outside Contractors -Coordinate and assist Resident Engineers in the…Senior Mechanical Engineer Tunnel VentilationArup  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedArup

      Our New York Office is currently seeking a Senior Mechanical Engineer to join our Tunnel Ventilation team. Mechanical engineering with an emphasis on the particular problems of ventilation of subway systems including underground stations and tunnels as well as vehicular tunnels. Work directly with o…Mechanical InspectorArmand Corporation  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedArmand Corporation

      Mechanical Engineering degree, and experience with government projects. …Mechanical DrafterLiberty Jobs  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedLiberty Jobs

      Leading NYC-based mechanical construction contractor currently hiring for a Mechanical Drafter. The Mechanical Drafter executes work as part of a collaborative effort to draft detailed construction drawings used in the planning and construction of HVAC projects such as schools, factories, and office…Assistant Mechanical EngineerCity of New York  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedCity of New York

      A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college in mechanical engineering and one year of full-time satisfactory experience in mechanical engineering work; or. The BEC is seeking to hire an Assistant Mechanical Engineer for the Air and Noise Assessment Unit located in Queens, NY. A baccalaureate d…Mechanical EngineerMaser Consulting  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedMaser Consulting

      We are looking for a Mechanical Engineer with a focus in Steam Systems to join #TeamBergmann!. Design of mechanical systems including steam systems (high pressure and low pressure), boiler plants, HVAC systems, and plumbing systems to meet all applicable codes and client design requirements. The ide…Mechanical Engineer – Curtain WallKimmel & Associates  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedKimmel & Associates

      Hiring for a Mechanical Engineer, responsible to apply the knowledge of engineering principles to design curtainwall systems and components. Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. …New York FE – Mechanical Engineering TutorVarsity Tutors  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedVarsity Tutors

      New York FE – Mechanical Engineering Tutor Jobs*The Varsity Tutors platform has thousands of students looking for online FE – Mechanical Engineering tutors nationally and in New York. You can show subject-matter expertise in FE – Mechanical Engineering. …Mechanical Engineer IIAmerican Sugar Refining, Inc.  |  Yonkers New York – undefined undefined undefinedAmerican Sugar Refining, Inc.

      The Mechanical Engineer II will be responsible for providing engineering support in a high-production refinery as well as supporting large capital projects. At Least 3 years’ work experience in Mechanical Engineering and Project Management. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or a related …Mechanical Design EngineerHigh-tech Professionals  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedHigh-tech Professionals

      Seeking Mechanical Design Engineer to work on mechanical design and construction of company’s special purpose supercomputers. …Assistant Project Manager (Mechanical Contractor)EMCOR  |  New York New York – undefined undefined undefinedEMCOR

      University Mechanical is currently seeking a Mechanical Construction Assistant Project Manager to assist the Project

      New 12 Tips for Your Marketing Campaign

      New 12 Tips for Your Marketing Campaign
      New 12 Tips for Your Marketing Campaign

      As a marketing professional, it’s great to stay up to date with the latest trends and technology to ensure you give your marketing campaign the best chance of success.

      New 12 Tips for Your Marketing Campaign
      Marketing – freepik

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      What is marketing?

      Marketing refers to the strategies and tactics you use to attract customers to your business and build loyalty. Marketing professionals use their marketing skills to set prices based on supply and demand, helping increase company profits.

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      You know what it takes to build a successful marketing strategy. Keeping your industry knowledge up-to-date and using all resources to your advantage can help companies find success.

      12 Marketing Tips

      Market your product beforehand

      Market early to help raise awareness before they become available. Do a preemptive awareness campaign to sell the benefits of the product or service before it arrives.

      Measure results

      Make sure you can measure the results of your marketing campaigns. Define ways to track conversions and run different types of marketing campaigns in small groups. Doing this allows you to compare other marketing channels to determine which one brings you the most benefit.

      Give customers a way to call your phone

      No matter what your customers say, it’s great to give them a chance to talk to you. Giving them a name card shows that you value their thoughts and opinions. Include a place on your website where they can engage with you. If they have a problem or concern, this allows you to address the issue and reach a resolution they can respect.

      Have a data cleaning routine

      Help you address data quality issues that can affect customer perceptions of your business. Make sure you have accurate data that can help you make more strategic business decisions.

      Use video content

      Many people prefer visual content over reading long posts or emails. As you brainstorm marketing ideas, consider using videos to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

      Understand your audience

      It is crucial to understand your target audience. Consider who is, demographic, life situation, what they do, and how you can help them do it better.

      Use different ad

      Test different types of ads to determine which one works best for your company and brand. Often, you need a combination of ads, not just one. The more your customers see you on different channels, the more likely to accept your brand and appreciate its reliability.

      Create targeted content

      Knowing your audience helps you produce more targeted and relevant content for your current and potential customers. To create targeted content, provide information that they can use.

      Improve your social media content

      As social media is constantly evolving, it’s great to keep up with the times and make sure you’re always using it to your advantage. Consider investing in paid advertising on various social media platforms to help you attract customers.


      Optimize your email

      While many people prefer email when communicating with businesses, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of email they get in their inbox each day.

      Read online reviews

      Customer reviews can help you attract new customers through referrals because many people read reviews before buying a product or service. Consider creating a review monitoring process that will allow you to filter reviews more easily.

      Use marketing automation machine

      To help you better manage your marketing tasks, use marketing automation. Marketing automation refers to platforms and technologies that help you market your business more effectively across multiple channels using automated and repetitive tasks.

      Original Jobs: Apply

      Part Time – Merchandising Specialist BDS MarketingBDS Marketing

      As a Merchandising Specialist, you will represent consumer electronics brands at retail locations to complete multiple merchandising tasks.Your responsibilities will include placing signage, graphics, POP, placing and filling products on shelves and displays, placing or refreshing displays, product. Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager: New Spaces for Drug Delivery Systems Becton DickinsonBecton Dickinson

      Global Marketing Manager is responsible for the strategic and financial performance of their respective product platform(s) through comprehensive and timely Marketing and Product strategy development and execution. Develop a global marketing and related launch plan for the assigned product platform. Marketing Strategist (Media) Onward SearchOnward Search

      Our client, a leading recruitment marketing agency, is looking for a Marketing Strategist to join their New York City team.

      11 new Jobs in Telecommunications and Salary

      11 new Jobs in Telecommunications
      11 new Jobs in Telecommunications

      Telecommunications refers to sending and receiving messages using electrical devices. This includes the transmission of voice, video, data, the internet, and other communications. Telecommunications professionals can work in a variety of specialties along this transmission chain. Many telecommunications companies focus on implementing the latest technology updates.

      11 new Jobs in Telecommunications and Salary
      wikipedia Telecommunications

      Job prospects in telecommunications ?

      The job prospects for a telecommunications career depend on the type of job you have in the industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median salary for all telecommunications positions is $74,130 per year, with the highest earners working in telecommunications law positions and engineering roles.

      11 new jobs in telecom

      Customer service representative ($13.64)

      Customer service representatives work with clients and customers to find solutions to client needs. They may work in a store, in a call center, email messages from clients. They respond to complaints, assist with problem-solving, direct clients to appropriate departments, and process payments and refunds.

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      Telecom operators ($46,126)

      Telecom operators answer phone calls and route outgoing calls. They can provide information to callers, transfer callers, receive messages, and record outgoing messages for an organization.

      Computer programmer ($48,295)

      They use programming languages, such as JavaScript and the C language, to write programs solutions for businesses, such as automating tasks, managing data, or creating customer interfaces.

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      Cable installer ($61,671)

      Cable installers perform the physical work required to provide cable services to customers. This may involve digging trenches and burying cables, feeding channels underground and through walls, and securing conduits to telephone poles and towers.Telecom technician ($24.89)
      Conduit installers install, repair, and maintain outdoor wiring as well as power lines and boxes. Equipment technicians install and repair physical components of indoor networks, such as modems and routers.

      Data analyst ($75,260)

      Data analysts work with organizations to collect and analyze large amounts of data. Identifying company trends and offering solutions. They can integrate new software and make recommendations to improve processes to increase efficiency.

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      Telecom manager ($79,796)

      Supervise telecommunications team, department, or office. They manage daily operations, such as scheduling service calls and routing technicians. The telecommunications manager must have knowledge of telecommunications processes, systems, and equipment.

      Telecommunications specialist ($81,690)

      Telecommunications specialists develop policies, procedures, and strategies related to the organization’s use of telecommunications systems.

      System manager ($88,169)

      Systems managers monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization’s systems. They run and analyze performance reports, schedule system maintenance, and troubleshoot problems.

      Telecommunications Engineer ($96,179)

      Telecommunications engineers may specialize in different fields. some engineers plan and design cable routes, and others may design new hardware and software.

      VoIP Engineer ($122,923)

      VoIP (voice over internet protocol) Engineers. Work with organizations to design, test, install, and maintain their VoIP systems, which allow users to make phone calls over an internet connection rather than a traditional phone line. This may include local and regional.

      Original Jobs: Apply

      Telecommunications Engineer SPECTRUM  |  New YorkSPECTRUM

      Assist ISP personnel with troubleshooting, support and maintenance of network elements and connections required to support Charter’s revenue generating networks.

      Ad Sales Manager, Telecommunications Samsung Electronics AmericaSamsung Electronics America

      This Sales Executive, focused on both our owned and operated inventory and audience extension, will be a motivated self-starter responsible for building and growing relationships.

      Telecommunications or Media Industry-Oracle Cloud ERP Financials or Supply Chain Manager Deloitte DigitalDeloitte Digital

      Telecommunications or Media Industry-Oracle Cloud ERP Financials or Supply Chain Manager. Our Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) industry clients include some of the most valued companies. Telecommunications Sales Executive Pam & Company, Inc.Pam & Company, Inc.

      Our client has the largest voice and data network in the country with coverage in over 150 major metropolitan areas. They also have the best international coverage.

      Now Bitcoin Save Me during this Pandemic in the year


      The price of bitcoin (BTC) skyrocketed to touch US $11k during the coronavirus pandemic. Although not a record high price, but the price is the highest since last year.

      Now Bitcoin Save Me during this Pandemic in the year
      Price of Bitcoin


      The coronavirus pandemic has made investors shift their investments to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

      “The price of bitcoin increases during the pandemic. The prices of other investment commodities are exposed or fall due to the impact of covid-19. People certainly choose the right investment in securing their money,”

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      The high of bitcoin is a sign that this cryptocurrency will enter an upward trend.
      With the predictions of cryptocurrency analysts in the world.

      Supply & Demand

      Bitcoin price movements depend on supply and demand.
      However, momentum such as the corona pandemic and government policies in several countries related to crypto money has also boosted the price of bitcoin.

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      The United States has allowed banks to use cryptocurrencies.
      “This is because cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, have proven their position has not wavered in the face of the global crisis the price has increased.”

      The US decision became one of the factors that pushed the price of Bitcoin. He revealed that several countries also follow the use of crypto money so that there is a potential for the demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to skyrocket.

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      Did not rule out that the price of bitcoin will record new highs in history.
      “Although the increase in bitcoin occurs gradually and there will be a period when the market will be saturated, and investors are profit-taking. However, this will not last long, and the price of bitcoin will rise again.”

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