November 27, 2022
7 Ways To Better Work From Home

7 Ways To Better Work From Home

7 Ways To Better Work From Home

7 Ways To Better Work From Home

7 Ways To Better. The idea of ​​working from home is a very Amazing idea. Imagine lounging on the couch in your dressing gown, while you casually answer a few emails. But anyone who has ever had to work from home for more than a day will tell you this is not the reality.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the population, millions of people around the world suddenly found themselves having to work from home – many for the first time in their lives.

Not everyone has an active contingency plan for situations like this. So here’s a set of tips to help you work from home better. These tips come from veteran homeworkers who have been there, done that, and bought the t-shirts they wore for three days while working from their kitchen table.

7 Ways To Better

7 Ways To Better

1. Set your ‘work hours’

One of the first mistakes you may make when you start working from home, is to think that you suddenly have a full 24 hours to play. Alright, technically there are still 24 hours in the day. And of course, you’ve saved time on your daily commute. But if you try to be too creative with your punctuality, it’s very easy to end up falling behind in your work – or even burning yourself out.

“If you’re not careful, you can continue to work tonight,” said Soekarno, Public Relations Manager at Nus, who has a lot of experience doing homework.

Setting certain ‘work hours’ will help you separate work from play. But it also helps other people in your household to understand when they can and can’t bother you. And this is what Soekarno thinks is very important.

“If you live with people who aren’t used to you working from home, it helps to set up ‘hours’” he says. “This lets them know that you are not available during that time unless an emergency arises, as is the case when you are in the office.”

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2. Make a schedule

Of course, setting your hours is not an automatic guarantee that you will get your work done. Another challenge that Soekarno and I agreed on was trying to stay productive while working from home.

“When your home becomes your office, it will be more difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance,” Soekarno said. “Creating some structure in your day can help you stay on track and be as productive as you are at the office.”

There are many ways to create a schedule. Some people like to prioritize tasks based on importance. Some people like to set specific time slots for certain activities. What worked for me won’t work for you, so I won’t go into details now.

But what I’m going to say, is you have to set up a schedule, whatever works for you, and make sure you stick to it.

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3. Give yourself time to wake up

On your first day working from home, you will probably wake up in the morning, adjust the angle of your laptop and check the temperature of your coffee. But on the third day, you may be playing cock with the clock – 8:59 am, and you are not sure which of you will move first.

You know, when your body realizes that your morning commute just involves getting out of bed, suddenly your body starts asking why you woke up at 6am. But you have to tell your body who’s boss!

“It’s hard to get yourself up early, when you know that all you have to do is get out of bed and open your computer” says Isro prasetyo – co-founder of Allcons Inc. “But doing this will only ruin your morning. productivity, because you’re still awake. Getting up even just 20-30 minutes before you have to start work will help you focus once you’re at your desk.”
Isro says you should give yourself enough time to get ready, make coffee, and spend time with your pets, loved ones, or newsreaders — whatever you might enjoy in the morning before having to be at your desk. This will not only increase your productivity, but will also improve your mood.

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4. Have a dedicated workspace

When it comes to getting up on time, you may be thinking “why bother getting up, when I can just stay in bed and work?” The temptation is real, but not worth it. Your bed is your resting place, and if you start building associations by answering frantic emails or dealing with difficult customers, then you’ll have a hard time relaxing in bed when it’s time to sleep.

Plus, when you get too comfortable, you run the risk of forgetting that you’re supposed to be working. Dewi, CEO of Fajar GOLD, said that if possible, your workspace at home should be a separate space.

“Having the space allotted to work helps you get in the right mindset every day,” she says. “While you have the freedom to work from your bed or couch, you may find yourself falling asleep. Sitting up straight and having the right work area can provide tremendous motivation.”

5. Keep moving!

But it’s not just your posture that matters when you’re working from home. Once you’ve established a good work environment that supports good posture, ABDI says you should remember to get up and move around often.

“Without the usual office distractions, it’s hard to remember to take a break,” she says. “Movement, even if it’s only five minutes, is important to schedule into the weekday.”
Abdi says he enjoys ‘walking and talking’ meetings while calling his colleagues, and he encourages his team members to do the same.

At People HR, we’ve been conducting group yoga sessions, via video link, twice a day. This is not only a fun way to bond as a team, it helps us all stay active. Two yoga sessions a day may seem a little intense, but we’ve found that employees feel much more energetic throughout the day as a result.

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6. Keep the support up

Nothing can replace the naturally occurring ‘burlesque’ you get in a fast-paced office environment. If you’re away long enough, you’ll even start to miss the people who constantly complain about the AC!
It’s easy to feel isolated, especially if working from home isn’t your normal practice. So whatever jokes and casual conversations you enjoy with your coworkers in ‘real life’, you’ll have to go the extra mile to keep them going remotely.

Tools like Skype or Slack are great for keeping in touch with coworkers, especially as they allow you to create group chats, where all the fun and laughter from the office can be delivered right to your kitchen table.

Make an effort to reach out to people you don’t usually talk to at length as well. People you only greet when you walk past them in the corridor, or people you sometimes meet at the coffee machine – small interactions like these can help you feel more included as part of your company culture. Keeping that relationship alive is important.

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7. Enjoy making decisions

Of course, one of the best tips I can give you for working from home, is to take the time to truly appreciate being able to do things according to your own personal style. And I’m not the only one who finds this important – the Chartered Institute of Marketing seems to agree.

“Your new workspace might not be purpose built” “but it does have some advantages. Music? No music? The choice is yours. And your lunchtime options now extend far beyond damp supermarket sandwiches.”emperature to set the thermostat to – depending, of course, on who you live with!

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