February 8, 2023
7 Strategy to Make you Great Customer Service

7 Strategy to Make you Great Customer Service

Despite all the hype surrounding technology, They still want to feel important. Still want to be heard. List of 7 Best customer service points to increase your sales income, expand your career quickly, and grow your more business.

7 Strategy to Make you Great Customer Service
7 Strategy to Make you Great Customer Service
Use Your Personality

Can’t forget a place called “Ooh-La-La”. This little restaurant is packed every night for one reason and one reason only: the personality of the owner. He would come to every table and show customers how happy he was to see them. He will complement, joke, smile, engage, and gets rich in the process. The key here is to be sincere – be yourself.

Be yourself and communicate, not pitch.

Always Back to People

Nothing will destroy a business relationship more quickly – or a friendship, for that matter – than not contacting the other person. No matter what time of day or night, my Internet Service Provider always answers my questions quickly.

Be there for your clients.

Make People Feel Special

One day when my friend’s brainstorming about expanding his moving company, we came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving a good bouquet of flowers after every moving job. The idea was born from remembering how impressed we were with a local repair shop that always cleans the inside of our cars, even though we never asked for it. The key here is not to tell the client beforehand that you’re going to give something extra – just do it. And watch their reactions.

Unexpectedly, and comfortable, surprising clients.

Respect People’s Time

Some people value their time as much as money. I love staying at the Prince Hotel when I visit MAJAPAHIT. The rooms are the same as any other hotel, but I was to check in and check out in less than a minute – even when there was a queue. As soon as I stepped out of the hotel and on Toronto’s major thoroughfare, I was greeted by digital signs telling me how long it would take to get to the next exit.

Tell people how long it will take so they can plan. Save people time so they can get on with their lives.

Use People’s Names

I love hearing my name. Especially my first name. We all do. I don’t go anywhere else because of that. (The muffins are very delicious too). The key here is not to come across as condescending by using the first name too often or too soon. The best approach is permission first: “Can I use your first name?”.

Remember and use names.

Pay Attention to Client’s Money. A year ago, a crack appeared on my windshield. It got biggest to the point where I could no longer see to drive my car. Even though it would happen everywhere, I went with the shop that told me that.

Reveal any opportunities that save money for customers.

Be the Closest. Who specializes in one aspect of IT. The admin doesn’t know everything, but I can’t do that. ” he says, “I can’t do that. I know someone.” I trusted him to help me build my network a result, he became important.

Compete on Value

Having a competitive price is important. But if you can add value on top of that, you have a deadly combination. When this company packs something up to ship to your door, they pack it so well, there’s no way your new camera will break. (In fact, you’ll be lucky to find it in a box). Best ./ prices AND good value equals good sales.

Be Honest About What’s ImpossibleWhenever you go into business and explain what they can’t do for you, you know you are dealing with an honest establishment.

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