7 secrets of Customer Service - You Must Know!
7 secrets of Customer Service - You Must Know!

7 secrets of Customer Service – You Must Know!

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Many people see interacting with customer service as a complicated experience that can end up being a waste of time. Much more fear having to call a contact center for support. Because of the previous negative experiences that customers had with brands that do not care about customer satisfaction. On the other hand, we have all experienced our share of outstanding service that leaves you happy and impressed, even if it seems rare.

7 secrets of Customer Service - You Must Know!
You’re Great

I share some secrets about the customer that can increase your chances of receiving quality customer service from anywhere. The best part is that these customer service secrets are not so secret they are things you already know but may have overlooked.

7 Customer Service Secrets that increase your chances of receiving quality service.

Know What You Want

Have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve before you call customer service. You will get better results if you know what you want upfront. Able to explain your needs clearly to a service representative will make it easier to get a satisfactory resolution. For agencies –

If your having problems with a physical product, you need clearly explain what the problem is.
If you call about a bill or a bill you received, make sure you study it carefully.

The more detailed your description of the problem, the better the solution the service representative will propose. Make sure your request is not only reasonable but is possible calling to have your pizza delivered in 5 minutes may not be possible even if the request is reasonable.

Use Name

An individual name is a sweet word in any language This is the entrance to their world, try to remember the name of the customer service representative you spoke to and use that. Most people did not realize the power of a title or how it creates the psychological bond that helps put them “on your team.”

The simple act of using the customer service name personalizes your interactions and makes the representative feel more responsible for the results they provide.


Yelling or swearing at customer service not going to help you much, no matter what the case, If you get what you want this way, You will look like an asshole to judge an innocent employee in your predicament.

If you have any complaints with the company, try your best to remain calm when making a complaint. You’ll get much better results, with more people willing to help you find a resolution if you’re can calm and clear when you share your experiences.

Upgrade If You Must

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your interaction with a service representative, you can ask to speak to their manager or supervisor – Do so politely but firmly. Often, supervisors are empowered to make “exceptions” to company policies.

Be Friendly

Be friendly when you interact with people who work in customer service. Why not be a friend customer asking how their day was? What’s wrong with being nice to people? These employees are on the front lines, They know all the tricks and will often do more than is asked of them to help you – if you are polite to them.

Use Magic Questions

To get advice from customer service, try using the Magic Question. Example:

“If you were in my position, what would you do.?”

This question makes the representative consider the situation from your point of view, and they will be more likely to empathize with you. Using the service name makes it more personal and will inspire the representative to give you honest advice.

Not Keep Good Service To Yourself

Whenever you receive impressive good customer service, Not keep good service to yourself, That only takes a few minutes to email feedback to head office or management. Simple messages like:

“I visited ABC store today, and Mr. X did an excellent job of helping me get… I’m sorry I decided to.”

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