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be Great Customer Service

7 how to be Great Customer Service In 2021

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Environment, customer service representatives wear many hats. Often a mix between pure customer service, where representatives receive incoming calls from existing and potential customers, to an order-taking role where the same representative also takes incoming customer orders, To being assigned to sell or proactively prospecting to a different account. already exist, today’s customer service representatives must be adept at handling some customer interactions. Across these varied job descriptions, one thing remains constant: providing customers with a great experience.
Problems with most training

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he overall experience provided by a customer service representative, most conventional training falls short and. Most customer service training is heavy and focused on product education and service training. Companies take it for granted that representatives should know intuitively, how to make customers feel welcome and cared for many of us who have had to call our cell phone or cable company know, this basic common sense courtesy is by no means a skill. intuitive common sense.

The solution is in proper training, and consistency measurement develops a customer service team that consistently delivers outstanding customer service, We wanted to start with the definition of customer service.

We then break it down into what we believe to be the basic elements for effective customer service training:
• Able. Customer Service is a set of skills that can be learned.
• Consistently.Great Customer Service means doing it all the time (Not just when you want it).
• Beyond needs. Amaze customers, not just give them satisfaction.
• Customers. Great Customer Service treats customers as individuals, not as groups or companies.

In addition to basic training, follow-up mentoring, coaching, and measuring compliance with a set of best practices is also critical to the development, integration, and delivery of a ‘GREAT’ customer service experience.

7 how to be Great Customer Service In 2021

While many companies make an effective customer service training program, these 7 Secrets are the basis for introducing customer service representatives to be a great customer experience:


What about upscale department stores like Nordstrom Or the Ritz Carlton hotel. How about your favorite local retail store, coffee shop, or restaurant? If you had to choose one word to describe what made this experience great, wouldn’t it be the consistency of experience?

All customers have basic expectations that they expect to be met in every interaction with your company. Positive experiences create a feeling of predictability and a sense of security. Customers know that you will be there and that they will be taken care of. The more consistently you can meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, the more they will want to do business with you and recommend you.


Whenever customer service picks the phone, you know right away if you’re in good hands or not, right? Their tone and demeanor project what kind of experience you will have. And which customer service representative would you like to talk to:

1: A know-it-all but the unfriendly customer service representative

2: Customer service warm & friendly, and willing to help you and will find the answers

As customers, we prefer to speak to a friendly and helpful customer service representative whose attitude is:
“Would you mind waiting a moment and I find the person for you”
than with representatives whose tone is unfriendly or disinterested. In customer service: Attitude trumps knowledge.

How do you convey your personality over the phone? In one word: Smile. People can hear it in your voice when you smile, and they can learn it when you don’t. The secret to encouraging your personality over the phone is “Never stop smiling.”

“If any customers came in the store without a smile, I would give them one of mine.” – Sam Walton (founder of Wal-Mart)

It’s OK

Too many customer service representatives feel they have to have all the answers and are afraid to make the occasional mistake. And when they make mistakes, they tend to defend or deny that they were wrong. Both are not true.

The truth is, we do not have all the answers all the time, and we will make mistakes or give wrong answers every now and then. The key is how you use it. When you make a mistake:

admit it. Rejecting it only made it worse…
“ You know I might have given you the wrong one. Can I try again ”

Apologize sincerely.
” I am sorry for that. It was my fault.”

Offer to try to help them again or re-do the wrong thing that just happened.
“ will it be okay? if I try again? ”

Thanks for their patience…
” thank you for your patience.”Prevent

” So Unhappy customers can make you are better at learning.” (Bill Gates)

A large part of a customer service job is to deal with customers who are having problems. From the company is the point of view, the key to successfully dealing with these customers is to prevent problem customers from becoming problem customers.

Here is how you can get a customer in trouble:

• You do not acknowledge the problem or urgency of their situation
• You do not empathize with them
• You forward it to voicemail
• You do not update it on the solution

The key to preventing problems from escalating? In short: Be proactive.

Proactive steps to follow:

• Admit the problem
• Empathize with customers
• Explain clearly the next steps for the customer
• Regular contact with customers who need services
• Update them on solution progress
• Check back to make sure the issue is resolved to their satisfaction


We believe that trust is significant to an atmosphere of caring and competent support. And how do you build it? By consistently & courteously guiding your customers through every step of your interaction with them. Starts with:


Make your customers feel welcomed with a warm welcome:

“ thank you for calling (Your Company). ”
“ it a great day at (Your Company). ”
” good afternoon I-am (Your Name) with (Your Company), can I help you? “

Continue this in Mid-Conversation

Once your customer has stated their problem or the reason for the call, respond with:

” I can help you with that. “
” Be happy to help you with that. “
Leave your customers with a smile.
” thank you for calling us today. “
“ We appreciate your business and have a nice day. ”
” if anything else we can do for you and just give us a call. “

Always do more than is asked of you. -George S. Patton


How do you feel when someone leaves you in the lane ahead of them in traffic? Or what about when someone opens the door for you at the market or leaves you in front of them when you only have a few things on hand ? Maybe pretty good. And this is how every customer service experience should make you feel too. Being courteous is the most important tool for being a great customer service representative!

Your Top Politeness Phrases:
” help. “
“ I would be happy to help you. ”
“ Will it be okay? if I hold you back. ”
” Thank you very much for your patience. “

“ Thank you for calling us today. ”
And the key to using it effectively is to be consistent!

Make Every Customer Experience a WIN

How would your customers describe their experience with your customer service team today?
Will they feel disappointed, dissatisfied, satisfied, glad they called, or ‘this call is a WIN.

The goal is to get your team to consistently provide, the kind of customer service that will keep your customers coming back and recommending your services. there is how to Make WIN:

• Be polite consistently
• Make your customers feel welcome
• Listen and respond appropriately to their concerns/requests
• Present the solution and get their support
• Go further

” no traffic jams along the extra mile. -Roger Staubach “


As we mentioned at the start of this white paper, Great customer service is the culmination of a skill set that can be learned and measured. It starts with proper training of these basic skills and then practicing their use consistently.

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